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3 Marketing Trends Retailers Need To Embrace in The Next 12 Months

Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

Sometimes it feels like there is a new social media or advertising platform emerging every week. Keeping up with every latest marketing trend is not only daunting, it can become completely exhausting.

I recently flew over to San Diego to discover fresh insight trends in marketing. So whilst you’re planning out your marketing for the next few seasons, here is what’s trending straight from the thought leaders of the marketing industry worldwide.

Trend 1: Automation

No surprise here, chat bots are the current “must have” for your marketing funnel.

Whether it’s directing ad traffic to an automated customer journey, using them on your website to increase customer interaction, or simply streamlining your FAQ’s, chat bots might just be the way to regain a lot of hours in your day.

These automated message platforms have the power to be pivotal when it comes to improving the customer experience.

When done right.

Here’s the thing. Messenger marketing is permission based, which means your customer has to interact with your message in a 24-hour period in order for you to be able to continue to market to them. Any longer, and it’s classified as spam. And you’re not going to win any customers with spam.

Whilst automation is key, it does come with a major caveat.

You should be focussing on automating processes but NOT automating relationships. Don’t hide behind bots when it comes to creating a connection with your audience.

Trend 2: It’s time to move away from your (marketing) comfort zone

For me, one of the biggest slap-in-the-forehead takeaways, was that it is so easy to become entrenched in “if it’s working, don’t change it”.

And it’s easy to fall into that rut, right?

It’s safe, it’s generating customers and sales, so why should you go and start from scratch, marketing somewhere else?
Perhaps you’ve even done your research and your preferred marketing platform, whether it’s print media, social media or new media, is where your customer hangs out.

But, it’s never safe to put your eggs all in one (marketing) basket.

Algorithms change. Advertising costs go up and reach decreases.

Now is the time to experiment with something new, and on a new platform.

If you normally post on Facebook, it’s time to start curating Pinterest boards.

If you love print media, take a deep breath and branch out to new media, such as podcasts (either being a guest or paying for advertising space).

You never want to be in a position where a couple of algorithm changes, allows your entire marketing strategy to fall to pieces.

Trend 3: Video

YouTube is still relatively unknown when it comes to eCommerce marketing. This means prices are still low. Like super low, so now is the time to jump in and experiment.

And we aren’t talking fancy videos here. Marketing guru, Mari Smith, shared that 5-15 sec video ‘ad breaks’ are currently out-performing any other ads.

And viral video creator, Rachel Miller, encouraged marketers to use Facebook Live to get in front of your audience and “feed Facebook”.

If you’re not already doing it, it’s time to pick up your iPhone and create unboxing videos, behind the scenes videos, and simple product videos, because it’s those ‘raw’ clips, that are the ones that are actually getting traction.

My personal experience is that Facebook ad costs have increased about 30% in the last 18 months. And there’s a reason for that – higher demand.
And whilst I love Facebook ads and still use them as my main advertising platform, it’s time to experiment with paid marketing channels outside of Google and Facebook.

YouTube ads, Pinterest ads, and Instagram story ads – if you’re not already using them, then now is the time to start.

And now that you’re ready to embrace some new marketing strategies, remember why you do this every day, and start breathing some of that life, that heart and that vision into your marketing, to connect with your customers, build relationships and increase your sales.

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