3 Seriously Simple Strategies to Get New Customers

Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

Having a constant stream of new customers is essential to any retail store. And whilst most retailers love to welcome back their existing customers, it’s inevitable that at some stage, your customer is going to move on.

Keeping that ‘sales funnel’ of customers topped up, can be an expensive, frustrating task for many retailers, who just want to sell the products that their passionate about.

Does this sound familiar?

You struggle to work out the best platform to spend your advertising dollars?

You’re always skeptical about the return on investment that every piece of marketing you put into place and wonder whether they will bring in more to your store?

Do you generally just rely on word-of-mouth advertising, because you feel that any marketing you do, doesn’t get results?

Whilst word of mouth referrals are an extremely effective form of marketing your retail store, your marketing strategy should rely on a range of paid and unpaid opportunities, that target your customers, in a variety of locations and settings.

If you’ve been avoiding putting together a marketing strategy for your retail business, then the great news is that you can get started today, with these three seriously simple ways to get new customers, you probably aren’t using.

Get new customers

1) Get noticed

Whether your business is online or a shopfront, take advantage of Google My Business. It’s a free business listing, hosted on the world’s biggest search engine. Not only can you list your opening hours and your store contact details, you can also upload images of your store and your products. In addition, it’s a great place to refer customers, to have them review your store.

Remember, Google is kind of like the Mafia – they like to keep it all in the family. So the more information and reviews your stores has, the higher you’ll appear in Google search engine rankings.

2) Market to your competitor’s customers

Did you know that when you use Facebook ads, you can actually choose to target the followers of other brands? Facebook has a plethora of detail about the people who hang out on the platform, so if Facebook is where your customers hang out, then the next time you create an ad, try showing it to customers that follow your competitor brands.

3) Share the love, baby!

One of the best ways to make your customers feel loved, is to reward them. Not with discounts or even free stuff, but with experiences. Teaming up with another local business to host an event, either online or instore and share your expertise with a select customer base, that will soon become yours!

Nurturing your existing customers is super-important, but you also need to have a consistent flow of new customers into your store, to ensure your ‘customer funnel’ doesn’t reduce to a trickle (or dry up completely).

But you don’t need to jump straight to expensive marketing campaigns in order to get more customers in your store and to your website. By adding these three seriously simple strategies into your overall marketing plan, new customers are bound to be drawn to your store.

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