3 things you need to do before you launch your business

Sarah Cross
Written by Sarah Cross

Launching your very own business is hands down one of the largest accomplishments you’ll make in your career. It goes without saying that all small business owners experience a mix of emotions during this time, from fear to excitement and even a bit of anxiety too. The months (even years in some cases) of planning, dreaming and working towards this goal are all hedged on a successful launch. Or so it seems.

Many new business owners get so caught up in the details, they forget the bigger picture. That a business is a live work in progress. The big guns all had to start somewhere and I would bet they’ve all evolved and changed their products and service offerings as the business grew.

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There will be MANY many times throughout your business journey that you feel elated at your progress and also totally burnt out. You need to prepare to weather the storm. It’s a marathon, not a race. I always say to strive for progress, not perfection.

When you do officially launch your business, ideally you should have all of your Is dotted and Ts crossed … but if you don’t? That’s more than OK. Website copy can be updated quickly, social media pages can change form and direction ASAP and processes will ALWAYS change as your business grows. The trick here is to be OK with ‘great’ rather than ‘perfect’.

Launch to an audience

Have you ever launched a business and heard crickets? This can be really heartbreaking to small business owners. So before you’re even ready to launch, you need to grow your audience. The best way to do this is to start your social media accounts EARLY. Sure, you may not have much content to post but you can start providing your audience with sneak peaks and post content that appeals to them.

Similarly, make sure you have a landing page live prior to your website launching. You can use this to provide details of your business and collect email addresses prior to going live. Offering a discount upon launch is an excellent way to entice your audience.


Just because your business is not yet live doesn’t mean you can’t start making business friends. Have you identified businesses that stock a different product or service aimed at the same audience as yours? Well, why not contact those businesses in the hope you can organise a joint competition or sale once your business is live?

What about Influencers? Have you noticed any key movers or shakers lately? Why not make contact with them now in the hope you can engage their services in the future. That way, you’ll have a ready made marketing campaign ready to go when you need it.

What tips would you give business owners to be?

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Sarah Cross
Sarah Cross

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