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3 ways to build customer loyalty for your eCommerce store

Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

Customer retention is one of the key hurdles that many eCommerce stores face. With the click of a few keys, shoppers are able to compare products and prices across a range of stores in just a few minutes.

So how do you, the e-tailer, build customer loyalty, when you can’t interact with your customers face-to-face?

Here are three extra-easy-eCommerce loyalty building strategies.

1. Let them ask questions
Fielding customer email inquiries is so 2015.
Today’s research says that the average consumer has the attention span of 8 seconds. If you can’t answer a shopper’s query quickly, you’ll likely lose the sale to a competitor.

Enter instant messaging and the world of chat bots.

If technology is not your ‘thing’, adding instant chat to your website is a simple way to allow customers to interact with you, have their questions answered quickly and secure the sale.

If you embrace technology, now is the time to explore the realm of automated chatbots. These ‘virtual assistants’ allow you to not only program in a series of questions and answers, they can also start to ‘learn and predict’ customer behaviour.

From product recommendations to frequently asked question, these bots allow customers to interact with your store at any time of day, and remove the ‘frustration’ hurdle to easily build customer loyalty with your brand.

2. Don’t leave them holding the baby
Not every product is “click and consume’.
So many online stores could easily build customer loyalty by continuing to engage the customer, after they’ve purchased.

I recently bought an activity tracker online. The shipping process was well documented, and my parcel location was regularly updated, so I know exactly when it was due to arrive.
Once I had it on my wrist, I was hoping for some more information on the features and how I could get the best use from the product (none of this info was on the website).

So I was disappointed when my inbox remained empty.

No follow up emails that made sure I would use the product to its full ability.
No instructions on how to change the battery, or how long to expect it to last.
Not even an upsell to purchase additional accessories (and I was super ready to purchase!)
Just virtual crickets.

So it’s time for you, the e-tailer, to think about your top selling products:

Are there any insider hacks that you’ve discovered?
What are the FAQ’s that you have answered in the past?
What other products or services could the buyer utilise, to get the most out of their purchase?
Putting this information into an automated email sequence that goes out post-purchase, is a super simple way to foster loyalty when you have an online store.

3. Get Personal
One of the biggest changes to the online shopping landscape over the last year has been the use of artificial intelligence to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and personalise the customer journey.

Digitally speaking, you’re now able to track your customers spending habits, analyse what they like, when they like to shop and how they like to shop. And whilst it can feel a little “big brother-like”, the fact is, your customer wants the information that appears in front of them, to be relevant to THEM.

According to Hubspot, nearly three-quarters (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g. offers, ads, promotions) appears that has nothing to do with their interests.

Building loyalty online means taking the time to dive into the data and personalise your customer experience.

The best part about building loyalty as an online store, is that your customer is already primed to open your emails and interact with you ‘remotely’.

Whether you utilise automated technology or you simply remove some of the hurdles and objections your customer may face when shopping online, having a strategy and focussing on building customer loyalty will not only benefit your brand, your customers will thank you for it.

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