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4 Tips for Choosing Art

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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

Art is a uniquely personal experience – when you see a beautiful piece of art, it will speak to you and make you feel something. Often we know straight away if an artwork will work for us in our homes. Other times, the attachment to a piece of art can mean that we are willing to buy it even if it doesn’t quite fit our current décor scheme. In this case, we have to work the room and décor around the piece itself, sometimes bringing in some new complementary décor or soft furnishing pieces to make it a cohesive space.

Here are some tips for choosing art for your home.

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Scale is very important. A huge, overwhelming piece of art can overwhelm a room. Consider paring back other items in the room to make the art the focal point. Similarly, a tiny artwork on a huge white wall will become lost and out of place. You can try moving little artworks on to a smaller wall, or even clustering similar small art pieces to form a small gallery wall.


Head to the library, go on Pinterest, Google your heart out. If you have no idea about art, you can always do some research to determine what type of art moves you. Maybe head to a couple of galleries, or trawl Instagram for some ideas on what type of art might work in your home.

Love it, buy it

The reality is that you tend to have an immediate connection with art – you’ll see a piece and know that you love it. If this is the case, consider making it yours quickly before someone else snaps it up and you end up longing for that one of a kind piece. Or if it is out of your budget, you can always see if the artist sells it in a print version.

Affordable options

If original art is out of your price range, consider other forms of art. Photography tends to be a more affordable option, but can still make a huge impact when framed. Sculptural wall art and printed canvas art are also great options.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of art from Reed Gift Fairs exhibitors …

Cooper Black 2

Cooper Black 3

The pieces above are available via Cooper Black.

On Trend Decor 1

On Trend Decor 2

The pieces above are available via On Trend Décor.

Revolution Art Design 1

Revolution Art Design 2

The pieces above are available via Revolution Art & Design (Image 1 styled by @thebeholderstyling; Image 2 styled by @julyjones_stylestudio)

Mini Masters 1

Mini Masters 2

The pieces above are available via Mini Masters.

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