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5 minutes with … Candy Lo, Albi

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Stepping away from your desk and breathing new energy from new places is always good for the soul.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Senior Homewares Buyer Candy Lo has recently delved into the jewellery and fashion accessories sphere with Fable, Albi’s latest stunning collection.

When she’s not at her desk she’s regularly jet-setting across the globe to discover how to create pieces that reflect cultures old and new – meeting skilled artisans, touching new materials and perusing exotic marketplaces.

We caught Candy between trips to explore the nitty gritties of the new collection, what inspires her, and what her vision is for Fable. Read on …

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We’re so excited to see Fable at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August! Can you tell us about the new range? 

Like our homewares brand Amalfi, we wanted to give Fable a ‘global feel’, and will continue to source items from all over the world.  We envisioned a range that would appeal to a broad section of the market, with jewellery and accessories for varied ages. Fable enables homewares customers who offer accessories as a part of their range the ability to purchase from one supplier. It also offers homewares customers who don’t currently stock jewellery and accessories the opportunity to safely move into this exciting and lucrative territory.

Fashion has crossed over into every aspect of our lives in recent years – from not only what we wear to what we want to put into our homes. Therefore, we thought it was befitting to also introduce the new Fable label as an extension of our current brands.

The new range is based on us wanting to offer a range of “co-ordinated” accessories that includes jewellery, bags and scarves. It is a collection of handcrafted items with a focus on celebrating the beauty of natural materials: wood, ceramics, brass and cotton.

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You have a keen eye for international styles – what is your vision for the collection?  

My vision is to develop this range with the key craftspeople who produce each piece – incorporating our own inspiration and design yet staying surprisingly affordable. I think of Fable as ‘designer pieces, but not at designer prices!’ We’ve used some beautiful colours as well as simple black and cream. You’ll also see brass gold, silver plated brass and wood. Fable includes hand woven scarves, totes and clutch bags, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and keyrings.

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What does a day in the life of Candy Lo look like, and what inspires you day-to-day? 

My day is usually very hectic. In collaboration with Jacqui Tenner I develop Fable, while I am also Senior Homewares Buyer at Albi. I draw inspiration from many things, but travelling is the main one. For my work I venture to different countries and regions – meeting skilled artisans, touching new materials, perusing exotic marketplaces and learning about the age-old craft traditions that different regions are renowned for. Stepping away from your desk and breathing new energy from new places is always good for the soul. But we are also very lucky that the internet has given us the capabilities of travelling without leaving your desk! I visit design blogs and keep an eye on emerging trends, and ideas that we turn into something unique.  Then, at the end of every day I like to go for a run to clear my head!

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What are the main jewellery and accessories trends you’re seeing at the moment, and on the horizon?

Fable isn’t necessarily about keeping up with or setting trends. Although still “fashionable”, each piece has been selected or developed to be quite eclectic. With fashion moving so quickly, we wanted to offer interesting pieces that you can wear at any time – rather than being purely of the moment. Fable celebrates style over trend.

And finally, what three words would you use to describe Fable?  

Global, vibrant, sophisticated!

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You can view Albi’s full range, including Fable, at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August (Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre/MCEC, 5-9 August 2017) – registrations now open! In the meantime, please visit their website for more info.


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