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5 minutes with … Mary Gouganovski, Endless Candles

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We cherish the fact that we’re family owned and operated, it’s what we believe sets us apart from some of the bigger brands out there …

Endless Candles is a company that has grown in serious leaps and bounds since its inception 15 years ago as a little boutique candle shop in Picton, NSW.

Today, it has grown to offer several stylish collections of jar candles, hand cream and melts to the wholesale market (in delectable scents such as French pear, magnolia and fresh cucumber and marshmallow and musk – just to name a  few!).

We recently caught up with director Mary Gouganovski to find out more about the company’s background and how – between designing next season’s collection, exhibiting at Reed Gift Fairs, selecting fragrances and running the office – she can possibly fit everything into her busy schedule. Read on …

Endless Candles has distinct family roots. Can you tell us a little more about its history?

My mum and brother started the original shop and I would work there after school, weekends and holidays. We started manufacturing candles 10 years ago with a focus on contract manufacturing.

I was between both  the shop and manufacturing until about two years ago when I came into the factory full-time and we started shifting our focus onto the wholesale market.

We lost the shop last June to floods and now mum is here with us in the factory. We cherish the fact that we’re family owned and operated, it’s what we believe sets us apart from some of the bigger brands out there. Our business and our customers are so important to us and we know firsthand what it’s like being on their side of the counter.


What does a regular day in your life look like?

Take a deck of cards, throw them in the air and then spend the next 8 hours trying to pick them up. That’s pretty much my day! [laughs] My family is here every day too, the boys run the floor with our team of staff and mum is my sounding board as well as our accounts department, and I’m usually fluttering about on jobs that vary depending on what we’ve got going on.

I run the office and wholesale so I can move between answering phones, talking to customers, running our websites or social media, creating new packaging, selecting new fragrances, designing next seasons ranges … you name it, I do it. Every now and then I stop for a cup of coffee, you know, just to keep sane.


Is there a range or selection of products you’re particularly excited about exhibiting at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August?

We’re bringing our Christmas collection out this August as well as a new product line in both Elegance and Wanderlust, and I’m excited about that! The products have gotten such a following now and my stores are so excited for the new lines to come out they’re already asking me for pre-orders … I don’t even know how much they’ll be yet! [laughs]


What are your favourite trends at the moment? And do you predict any trends on the horizon?

My favourite trends are the ones we’ve been seeing for the last year now. Especially the rose gold and pastel colours. I don’t see them going away anytime soon, in fact, they’ve just had another burst in the market and the trends are really at their peak at the moment!


What’s next for Endless Candles?

Other than the new products we’re bringing out in August, I’ve started designing next year’s collection. I’m unsure on the release date at this point and I’m going to keep it under the belt for a little while longer but all I’m going to say is, it’s featuring some products we’ve never done before and it’s going to be gorgeous … and rose gold. 😉

Lastly, what three words best describes Endless Candles?

Eco, Feminine, Luxurious.

Visit Endless Candles at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August to be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and Melbourne Showgrounds from 5-9 August 2017 – registrations open now!


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