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5 minutes with Maggie Pana, digital guru and founder of Kreo Inc.

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An area feared by many but made easy by a few, meet Maggie Pana, founder of Kreo Inc. Maggie shares her experiences with assisting small businesses to embrace and have fun with social media to grow their business.

How did you get into running workshops?

Workshops have always been a huge part of my career and something that has come very natural to me. 12 months into my Kreo journey, I was invited to speak at Life Instyle’s Training Wheels, which is something I had dreamed of. From there I was invited to run Instagram Masterclasses, Social Savvy & The Art of Collaboration workshops for Reed Gift Fairs, Girl Bosses Australia and also appeared on established podcasts, Mums with Hustle & The Selena Knight Project.

With the experience and exposure gained through these amazing opportunities I began to run tailored workshops and training for micro to small businesses. When I began Kreo I felt like a lone ranger, with only a handful of people who were willing to share their expertise and impart their wisdom. I didn’t want other small businesses starting out feeling alone and hopeless like I did, I wanted to share my knowledge with them to give them the best possible start to their business journey and I have never looked back. Sharing, coaching and helping other businesses is a huge passion of mine and my philosophy is that there is room for everyone and we should work together rather than oppose each other.

What has been the highlight moment of your career to date?

There have been many highlights throughout my career, but I would have to say my #localisthenewblack campaign which soon after morphed into #KreoLovesLocal, these campaigns saw locals and creatives contribute to over 54k hashtags over the course of 2 years and was a Gift & Life Instyle finalist for best marketing initiative 2017/2018. The exposure and awareness this campaign created helped many businesses and creatives become known as it became a trusted and respected hashtag campaign / platform for all to leverage for exposure and increased brand awareness.

Kreo was growing Instagram accounts by 20% – 50% in some cases pre-algorithm, with the use of campaigns such as loop competitions, tag & share, reposts, shoutouts, product reviews etc. Whilst these methods yielded significant followers for those involved, it didn’t last forever and for this reason, I continued to explore how to help others continue increasing their followers by better understanding the algorithm and other important factors which led to #KreoLovesLocal and running tailored workshops.

What is your favourite social media platform to use for boosting retail business and why?

Instagram of course! Why?…. Because it totally rocks! Instagram has evolved over the years making it a one stop shop for your customers/followers. They can browse, shop, interact and join a community of likeminded people. It’s a platform where collaboration opportunities blossom, friendships are formed and has a strong community focus. If used tactfully whilst being your authentic self, it can really boost your retail business and brand awareness.

What would you say is the most valuable feature of Instagram that most people don’t know about?

I believe there isn’t just one particular feature that is valuable. I believe that all the features that Instagram has to offer are all valuable and when used together, they become highly beneficial to your business. However, if I had to be specific, I would have to say that collaboration is key! As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. I believe the that insights/data is often overlooked and is the backbone of running an Instagram business account. You first have to understand your demographic and analytics to help enable your customers to find you, allowing you to become the best you can be within your industry.

What would you say are the top 3 tips you live by in social media marketing?

1. Be authentic and have a clear message about your brand.
2. Engage with your followers and the people you follow through liking, inviting conversation and posts that promote a call to action.
3. High-res and ‘well taken’ images are absolutely vital.

What can we expect to learn from your workshops at Retail Therapy?

We are going to have a hell of a lot of fun! Together we are going to:
• Crack the Instagram algorithm;
• talk collaboration;
• useful and tested tips and tricks;
• the importance of hashtags; and
• Stories, live & IGTV and so much more!

You’re just going to have to come along and find out!


Catch Maggie Pana’s workshops Instagram Masterclass and Social Savvy Advanced at Reed Gift Fairs Sydney February on Monday 25 February and Tuesday 26 February 2019.


23-27 FEBRUARY, 2019

ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

Register here

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