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Domini Marshall
Written by Domini Marshall

The world of digital and social media is constantly changing, but it’s certainly not slowing down. It is increasingly important for businesses of any size to be active players in this space. Discover my top five tips to find your audience, grow your online presence and create content that connects.

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1. Get clear on your story

Social media is storytelling. Your business (and you!) are unique. You have a brand story that differentiates you from others. The things that make your brand who it is are the same things that will help you find your audience on social media and drive connection and engagement.

Answer this: Why do you do what you do? Your story – and the stuff that people connect with – builds on your brand’s purpose, values, beliefs and passions. Getting clear on this is what will allow you to create content that feels good and connects with the right people.

2. Visuals matter

Whether it’s a medium like Instagram or not, research has shown that posts with images and videos drive higher engagement. Visuals matter. Learn how to take a great photo and play around with photo editing apps such as VSCOcam and Snapseed until you find your style. Be consistent with your aesthetic. Beautiful and inspiring imagery is a must for visual storytelling.

social media tips from Domini Marshall

3. Content that delights, inspires and educates

When sharing content, always be asking, how does this delight, inspire or educate my audience? It doesn’t have to be everything to everyone (in fact, it shouldn’t) but it does need to be something to someone. Your original content and the content you curate (and credit) should give your audience something, whether that’s knowledge on your topic of expertise, or something that’s just too beautiful not to share.

Think about what you’re really saying with your content and always come back to your story; your purpose, values, beliefs and passions.

4. Be an active member

Social media is a community and it’s built on conversation, human to human. Not only do you need to be sharing content on a daily basis, but you need to be an active member supporting and sharing the love with your community. Block out a little time each day to play on social. Respond to followers, find people to follow and engage with other posts by liking and commenting.

5. Use a content calendar and plan ahead of time

It’s so easy to get into the habit of not planning your social content and then waking up with that sinking feeling of ‘what am I going to post today?!’ You have to hurriedly dig up an image or take a new snap and think of something to say. You’re not likely to be producing your best content when you’re stressed out, on the go and with little time to really think about your message.

Block time in your calendar to plan your content and schedule your posts ahead of time. Some scheduling tools to help you do just that are Schedugram, Hopper HQ and Later (free). Get planning and scheduling so you can put your best foot forward on social and still live your life too.

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About the author
Domini Marshall
Domini Marshall

Domini Marshall is a content strategist and writer based in Melbourne. After completing her Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne, Domini found herself in the world of digital communications landing a dream job managing the social media and content for Swedish design brand, kikki.K. Since then, she made the leap to start her own freelance business and works with inspiring brands finding creative and authentic ways to tell their story.

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