6 things your store can improve on today

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Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

Does your store pass the test? 

Even when your store is doing well, there is always a little something that can be tweaked.

Happy customers, a satisfied and engaged team, plus a steady stream of new customers, is bound to lift the spirits of any store owner.

If, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that there’s anything for you to improve on, here are six things that you can take a look at with fresh eyes to see if your store passes ‘the test’.

Take a fresh look

Next time you walk into your store, take a fresh look at it from the eyes of a new customer.

Is your shopfront clean and tidy? How is the signage, and the lighting? Is the atmosphere warm and inviting, and how does it smell? Take the time to do a big spring clean of your windows, shelves, gondolas and tables. Rearrange your store to bring in a fresh new energy. Hint: You can do the same thing with your online store.

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Take stock of your stockroom

A disorganised stock room can lose you sales. Customer requests for products can be overlooked and you may not have all of the relevant stock available on the floor for sale. Create a system in your store room that works for your team and allows for a quick, yet thorough check, when customers ask for items. In addition, go through your shop counter and clear out all the old ‘stuff’ and restock your stationery.

Write some processes

Systems are essential to running a business. Even if you fly solo in your retail biz, it’s important to put systems in place to ensure that you’re not wasting time. Plus, when the time comes, you won’t be frantically trying to create them, or worse still, trying to on-board a new team member without them. Creating a process for every task takes literally takes months, so get started now!

Embrace Automation

An auto-responder can be the most personal staff member you’ve ever had. Creating a series of emails (called auto-responders) that are triggered when a customer does a certain action, like sign up to your newsletter or buys a specific product, allows you to personalise the customer experience without having to lift a finger. If you’re not using auto-responders, do some more research on just how effective they can be.

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Be [P]interesting

Retail is visual.

Packaging sells.

Merchandising sells.

Great images sell your product. And where else is the biggest collection of beautifully curated images? Pinterest!

Strategically pinning items from your website to curated boards is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website and into your store.

The key word here is ‘curate’. Gather images and products that would naturally be placed together (think of it like merchandising a display). And most of all, remember to share with your customers and social media followers.

Update your About, Shipping, Returns & FAQ pages

Outdated info pages on your website, such as shipping, About and FAQ pages, can cost you money.

Schedule 30 mins every quarter to go back and revise these pages. While you’re at it, by including these updates/revisions into your processes when any key info is changed, you’ll ensure that customer negativity and potentially monetary loss, is minimised.

As a store owner, your business will constantly be evolving. When your staff are happy, your customers are usually happy. So keeping your store fresh and up to date –  instore, online and back of house, will reduce stress, make your store an enjoyable place to work, and in turn, may just make you more sales.

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