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Experimenting with Textures

When planning a room it is important to consider different textures.

Texture is that secret element that gives a room that something extra. The easiest way to add texture is through wood and textiles, always choose things that are pleasant to touch and interesting to the eye.

A simple way to add texture to a room is by adding a rug. Think about how cozy a rug makes a room feel especially over hardwood floors.

 reed-gift-2015-week-11-SomethingGorgeous-textures (1) 
 Tee Pee rug from

Nature is full of texture and one of the popular trends in 2015 is to bring plants into your indoor space. Plants can improve your mood; add a pop of colour all while purifying the air!

reed-gift-2015-week-11-SomethingGorgeous-textures (2)
Plants from Reed Gift Fairs Exhibitor Global Fortune

Including texture in a room is particularly important if decorating with neutrals as adding texture to a neutral scheme also adds interest, depth and warmth.

Curtains are also enjoying a comeback and bring a perfect injection of texture to a room. Curtains can be soft and billowing or heavy and patterned but either way they provide another element or layer to a room.

reed-gift-2015-week-11-SomethingGorgeous-textures (3)
Soft and flowing Thrift Curtains from Lazybones

You may not live in a home with beautiful timber floors but you can always add timber shelves or furniture to give that warm natural texture.

reed-gift-2015-week-11-SomethingGorgeous-textures (4)
Jake Bookcase from Incy Interiors

A simple and inexpensive trick to add texture is to include a faux fur rug or fluffy cushion. Or why not add linen sheets or a leather chair.

reed-gift-2015-week-11-SomethingGorgeous-textures (5)Linen from Mr & Mrs White 

 Just like in the fashion industry interior trends come and go, however including texture into a room will always be popular because a well designed and decorated room is a multi sensory experience where we need to feel a room is visually appealing as well as something that begs to be touched.

So next time you are giving a room at your place a makeover consider the obvious, that is, furniture, colour, lighting but also consider adding texture to make your room feel complete.


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