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A Fresh Look At Pendant Lights

Written by Reed Gift Fairs

The perfect finish to any room is the lighting, however, it is often an afterthought. Good lighting should be on the top of the list when designing a room. Lighting can set the tone of any space, immediately identifying a room as industrial, contemporary, modern, rustic or vintage. Essentially the lighting is part of the decoration of the room, reinforcing the look of the space while also playing an important functional role.

Pendant lights, sometimes known as hanging lights, are often suspended from the ceiling above seating areas, or dropped low over kitchen islands providing that much needed task lighting. Pendant lighting has also been making its way into the bedroom by replacing the traditional bedside lamps.

The important role of any pendant lighting is to find the balance between it as a feature vs the other elements in the room. You should also remember not to rely entirely on one light source. Consider wall lighting or lamps so that light can be sourced from other subtle directions. Try to include a dimmer switch which can transform the room’s atmosphere and make the space a more flexible area for your family to live and work in.

Lastly, consider the height of the pendant light. Never hang the light too high over the dining table, try to make the light as low as possible to create a dining mood, but remember the light should not obstruct your view of your guest across the table! Generally, try and remember that a larger light can be hung higher and a smaller light lower. Always consider the size of the room and the height of the ceilings. When positioning the light in the living room, it’s a good idea to practise walking under the light while a friend holds the light in place.
In summary, remember the pendant light can set the tone of the room. It needs to be hung at the correct height and if possible have a dimmer switch installed.









Our Pick right now is the Marble Top Pendant from Globe West


This little beauty is right on trend. It combines timber and marble in one simple design. It would look gorgeous hung from the ceiling for bedside lights or in a cluster over the dining room table.   LOVE IT!!

-Toni and Giulia
Something Gorgeous

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