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Adding Value: Gift Wrapping

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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

Sometimes you need to look outside the square to consider what value you can add to keep buyers coming back to your store. One thing that brings in customers is offering a gift wrapping service. People are always looking at ways to save time, and having their purchases wrapped for them tends to entice buyers to make the purchase.

As a retailer, there are a few key questions to ask yourself before you offer a gift wrapping service:

  1. Do you have the space?
    You need to allow a clear space that does not impede on other functions such as your point of sale area.
  1. Do you have enough staff to make it feasible?
    If customers have to wait a long time for the service, then they may avoid it.
  1. Do you have any skill in wrapping?
    You need to be able to make the gift wrapping look presentable. Nobody wants to have to re-wrap when they get home!

If you’ve answered yes to the top two, we can certainly help you learn a few wrapping tips and tricks. Here are some of our favourite easy gift wrapping solutions, using a simple base of brown craft wrapping/bags.

Reed Gift Wrapping 2

For minimum fuss with maximum impact, you can’t go past a pairing of brown craft paper and coloured twine. We love the addition of a sprig of greenery around Christmas time. (Image source)

Reed Gift Wrapping 3

Getting some stickers made up will turn a regular brown or white paper bag into an easily wrapped gift with your branding on it – clever! (Image source)

Reed Gift Wrapping 4

If wrapping isn’t your strong point, enlist the help of some over-sized ribbon to hide your mistakes. (Image source)

Reed Gift Wrapping 5

Trust us when we tell you these pom poms are not as tricky as they might seem. Neon wool works especially well against a brown backdrop. (Image source)

Need more help? We have a large range of packaging and wrapping specialists exhibiting at our gift fairs, including: Bee Dee BagsBaramaBrown Paper PakPR Packaging and more

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