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The Art of Staying Professional On Facebook

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Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

We’ve all been there.

You’re flicking through Facebook and in one of your groups, someone has brought up a topic that you’re passionate about. It could be anything from parenting, politics, or even public transport.

Furiously, you start to tap away YOUR thoughts and opinions on the topic.

The thought never enters your mind that you may actually be losing sales because of a random post on Facebook.

But that’s exactly what COULD happen.

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Building a Community

Social media is exactly that – a place to be social. It’s also a great place to advertise your products and services, because, hey, that’s where your customers are hanging out.

The thing with social media is that we end up building and being part of a community. And that’s a great thing. It allows you to build trust, to be seen as an expert in your retail niche, and to inspire confidence when your customers buy from you.

When you have a community, you’ll attract customers that love what you do, and what you sell. Nurturing that community will have a positive effect, your sales will increase and customers will be likely to recommend your store to their friends.

A Social Media House of Cards

Many retailers spend a lot of time hanging out in Facebook groups, answering questions and giving advice. They genuinely want to help, but they also know that it builds authority, and getting your brand name out there will mean that potential customers will think of you when they need to buy something that you sell. They’re also more likely to refer others to your store because you’ve built that trust over a period of time.

It takes a lot of effort to build that community of followers and you’ll likely put a piece of you into developing your tribe. And the thought of offending your customers is completely foreign to you.

Social media is like a house of cards. It’s built up over time, but it only takes one wrong move to bring it all crashing down.

As the person behind the brand, both you and your team are representatives of your retail store. What you say and do on social media is a direct reflection of your store’s values and ethos.

Managing Your Message

When you hit the keyboard to declare your opinion on a topic, it’s highly likely it will be associated with your brand and your store.

That’s not to say that you can’t be passionate and let the world know what you think.

Developing your brand’s values, knowing the causes you want to be associated with, and understanding how you want your brand to be perceived, will allow you to safely navigate the social media waters. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that even if you want to put your ranty-pants on, and go all keyboard warrior, it’s for what you want your store to be known for.

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