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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

It’s a no-brainer: kids love to draw and colour in. For parents, it tends to be our favourite go-to activity when those cries of “I’m bored” start ringing out and it’s super easy to throw some colouring books and pencils in the boot to keep the kids happy when you are out and about.

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There are so many benefits to drawing and colouring in, but did you know that art can actually help kids to develop problem solving skills? Yep, as well as being a fun and relaxing activity, drawing can help kids work out how to problem solve (as they negotiate patterns, shapes and colours). It also develops their creative expression and, perhaps most importantly for school readiness, enhances fine motor skills. Drawing and colouring can also help our little poppets to learn to relax and be calm; as kids hone in on the task of drawing or colouring, their attention becomes focused wholly on the task at hand.

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When we first came across Aussie business Arty Paper, we were floored by the quality of their art products. Each Arty Paper Folder comes with 20 awesome pages, all hand drawn by clever Australian artist, Belinda Young. The art activities include colouring sheets, drawing prompts, doodle art starters and a paper craft activity, all designed around popular themes and interests designed to appeal to children. The colouring pages are challenging without being too hard, whilst the fun drawing prompts and doodle starters are sure to spark your mini-Picasso’s creative expression. Each folder also comes with a special fun paper craft activity that kids can cut, paste and wear!

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Arty Paper products are printed in Australia on strong, environmentally friendly 135gsm paper, with all pencils, textas, pastels and crayons representing the highest quality. These folders would make a fabulous and inexpensive gift for any kid (or adult for that matter)!

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So, the next time the kids cry boredom, make an Arty Paper Folder your creative solution to keeping the kids happy!

Arty Paper will be presenting their fabulous range of art folders at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August on Stand SP11 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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Domenica Kiely

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