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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

You’ve probably seen the furore over bath toys in the news recently.  The mould found growing inside some bath toys caused immediate panic amongst parents, who were quick to throw out all bath toys. Well, don’t despair, this doesn’t have to mean that the era of your kidlets enjoying their bath time is over. Introducing Oli & Carol: makers of cool and safe toys for modern parents and their kids.

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Made in Barcelona, Oli & Carol toys are distributed in Australia via Agent 88. Each Oli & Carol toy is safely made from 100% rubber that is sourced from the Hevea tree and hand painted using food grades dyes. They are not only biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but perfectly safe for babies and children. Mums and dads can rest easy knowing that they are making the safe choice in presenting their precious babes with a Oli & Carol toy!

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The difference in Oli & Carol toys lies in the fact that most of the range of toys is made in one whole piece. This is really important when being used as a bath toy as the lack of holes in the toys means that there is no way for the water to be harboured in hidden crevices, and therefore into mould. With the exception of their Fruit Chews, all Oli & Carol toys are hole-free.

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Doing double duty, Oli & Carol toys are not only perfect for use in the bath tub, they’re also great teethers. The texture of the Hevea rubber is perfect for soothing sore and tender gums. They are also perfect for developing hand to mouth coordination – little fingers and mouths will love being allowed to explore these vintage rubber toys!

Oli & Carol’s range of toys have a whimsical feel to them – with a retro look to the designs, and with a mix of both pastel and neon colours designed to appeal to little eyes, this range of toys makes the perfect gift for a new baby.

We saw Oli & Carol’s range at Reed Gift Fairs Sydney February 2017 last month. 

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