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The Business of Christmas – how to increase your sales during the holiday season (part 1)

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Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

With the holiday rush upon us, for most retailers, this is the one time of year where you can rely on an increase in sales to make your cash register ring.

But in the overwhelm that comes with the massive influx of customers, it’s very easy for retailers to get caught up in the everyday ‘busy work’ – struggling to keep up with all everything that needs to be done.

If you’re looking to maximise sales and make this your best season ever, then let me share with you a strategy that can help you do just that.

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Easy ways to get your customer to spend more.

Let me introduce you to Trista, owner of a boutique fashion store. She specialises in beautiful boho-inspired clothing and when it comes to style, she personifies her brand. Always immaculately presented, she truly loves helping people to express their style. But sales weren’t reflecting her curated range.

Digging into it further, we found that her average sale was just under $60. A little low for a boutique fashion store.

So we set about to change that. Trista met with her team and formulated a plan. When a customer tried on an outfit, they would assess which accessories would suit the customers fashion style and the outfit they’d chosen. Their main goal was to upsell a $10-15 pair of earrings, to increase the average sale to around $75.

But the result was remarkably different to what they expected. What ended up happening, was that customers were so extremely receptive to the well thought out and personalised upsells, that they asked for more. When the earrings were offered, they asked for a necklace or belt to match.

In just a few short weeks, Trista and her team had managed to double their average sale.

The key here to successfully increasing your sales with the up-sell or add-on strategy, is that is MUST be done ethically. It has to be done with the customer’s best interest at heart.

Another strategy that you can easily implement in your store, is the same one skin care owner, Rebecca did.

Rebecca thought she was doing the right thing, by allowing her customers to choose which products, from her vast range, appealed to them. Looking at her past sales we found that on average customers purchased two items.

Digging a little deeper, Rebecca confessed that she was constantly being asked about her own, youthful, radiant skin. Many times, every day, people would ask which of the items from the range, she used.

Of course she used all of her own products, but there were 4 key items that she religiously pampered herself with.

So, the “Secret Selection For Amazing Skin” was born. Those same 4 products that Rebecca uses on a daily basis, packaged up into a set, with a price point of around $120. No discount, just an easier way for customers to purchase.

Rebecca was nervous about the price point to begin with and was worried that customers would balk at the price. But the result has seen the pack flying off the shelves. Quite often, demand exceeds supply.



Quite simply, she made it easy for her customers to buy. She took the ‘hard work’ out of the equation. Her customers respect her recommendations, because she has built trust within her brand.

Whilst these strategies can be used at any time in your retail store (both online and in your shopfront), the holiday rush is a great opportunity for you and your team to put them in place and to maximise your sales.

When you genuinely strive to make their shopping experience as easy as possible, when you sell ethically, listen to what your customers need and find them the solution, your customers will thank you for it.

And with happy customers comes an increase in sales, making this holiday season the perfect time to implement these two easy, money making strategies into your store.

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