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Business Essentials #10: Facebook Advertising

Written by Kylie Lewis

Spring has sprung lovelies and we’ve even been graced with sunshine this week to prove it. We’re entering the crazy busy period of the year where there’s not so much time to stop and think but more need to just go, go, go. So, before it truly ramps up, let’s nail those holistic Christmas campaigns by looking at an important part of them – Facebook advertising – and get you ready for your best Christmas yet.


What’s a holistic campaign?

A holistic marketing campaign is the best kind of campaign: a campaign that takes into consideration all communication touch points with your customer. It involves putting together a strategy that integrates all areas of your business, working together to produce a seamless experience for the customer and achieve your campaign objective. If you’d like a little reminder of all the different touch points of a marketing campaign to consider, check out my post on ‘How to plan a campaign’ here.

Why Facebook advertising?

For many of you, Facebook is an important platform to communicate with your customer. It’s a space where you not only build your brand identity and promote your gorgeous offering, but a space where you invest in engaged conversations with your audience. Facebook advertising is a great way to further your reach and engagement over the busiest retail period, give you insight into your target audience and gain a little more cut-through than you might normally receive.

How do I use Facebook advertising?

We could chat about the intricacies of Facebook advertising for hours but in the interests of keeping it simple, below are three important steps to consider. To learn how to create a Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish, check out Facebook’s eLearning modules here. There’s also lots of handy information on Facebook for Business here.

1. Choose an objective
First things first: before you start building your Facebook advertising campaign, it’s important to determine your objective. What’s the goal you’re working towards? It could be:

  • Building your email list
  • Driving customers to your website
  • Building your Facebook audience
  • Raising awareness of, and attendees to, a special Christmas event you’re holding
  • Getting more views or engagement on your posts or videos
Facebook Ads Options

You can choose from a range of different objectives for your Facebook Advertising campaign. Just make sure your objective works in with the efforts of your Christmas campaign as a whole.

If you’ve already spent some time devising creative campaign ideas for Christmas, had you considered what a successful campaign might look like to you? What the end result you’re working towards might be? You don’t want to be sending your audience lots of different messages and driving them to different places from your touch points (website, social media, blog, email). You want the message to be as strong and simple as possible. Make sure that the objective that you choose for your Facebook advertising works back with your Christmas campaign – because that’s when you’ll see the best results, no matter what the objective is.

2. Choose a target audience
You can choose to keep your targeted audience narrow or broad by choosing the location, age, gender and interests of your target market. Facebook even offers a handy tool to help you find Facebook users who share similarities with your current followers. You can create ‘lookalike audiences’ based on the location, gender, age and interests of your followers. Then you can choose to target these audiences through your Facebook advertising to find more people who are more likely to be engaged with your brand. Discover more about targeting audiences here and learn how to build lookalike audiences here.

3. Set a budget & track results
You might have already set yourself a budget for your entire Christmas marketing spend, but how much are you able to dedicate to Facebook advertising? If you want to create multiple Facebook advertising campaigns to experiment and find out what works best for your brand, you might consider spending a little more.

Facebook optimizes your ads to reach the people you want to target most so they’ll spend whatever budget you do choose as efficiently as possible. Find out more here.

Looking at analytics might not sound like the most exciting thing to do, but I promise when you have access to what your target market is clicking on and not clicking on and can see what content is the most engaging, it’s pretty damn exciting. It’s super useful to track your Facebook advertising to find out what’s working and what’s not working so you can adjust as you go and improve for next time. Find out more about measuring your ads via the Adverts Manager here.


I know there’s a lot to take in with Facebook advertising and it’s a constant learning curve but it really is a worthy one and one that can benefit your business through the busy Christmas season. Download your printable September calendar above and take a moment to think about how you could include Facebook advertising in your marketing efforts in the coming months.

Have you used Facebook advertising before? I’d love to hear what your experiences have been and whether you’ve found it successful, challenging or both! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to shout out below!

Kylie, xx

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