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Business Essentials #6: Social Media Audit

Written by Kylie Lewis

A social media audit. Do those words scare you a little? They shouldn’t. This social media audit is simple and easy to follow, I promise, and will hopefully help you feel a little more organised, a little more in control and ready to take on the world. Sound good to you?


Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may be managing your social media on top of your other work, or you may have appointed someone to look after your online communities. Whether you feel you’ve got it all sorted, or are feeling slightly overwhelmed, completing a social media audit once a year or even every 6 months is a great way to keep your social channels up to date and to ensure you’re making the most of your social media presence. Let’s do this together lovely kin!


1. Where can we find you?
What social channels are you on, officially and unofficially? Make a list of all the social channels you have accounts with, whether you’re active with them or not. Maybe you signed up with Vine when it launched, but have since adopted Instagram video? Maybe you have a forgotten Foursquare or Flickr account? Maybe you signed up to a new network to secure your business name in case it took off but it never did? Whatever the reasons, get them all down on paper and note down their details: the page URL, the profile name and description, the number of followers and the date when you were last active.


I’ve put together a spreadsheet template for you to download and get started here: Of Kin – Social Media Audit Template

2. Evaluate your social networks and cull those that aren’t contributing to your overall strategy and business
It’s ok to let go of social networks that you don’t use or even ones you do use but that are not doing anything for your business except causing late night guilt. Be realistic and consider these questions…

  • Why am I on this social network? (It can be really helpful to write the answer to this one down)
  • Is our target audience using this network?
  • What are our goals for this social network? (If you don’t have any goals yet, take some time to think about what some might be – we’ll be looking at this further below)

3. Update your social media profile pictures and descriptions
For all the accounts you decide to keep and that are no-brainers in terms of maintaining a social presence, what do their profile pictures, banners and profile descriptions look like? Is there consistency amongst them? If they vary, take some time to tidy them up and make sure your brand is represented consistently across them all. This makes it easier for brand lovers to recognise you on various social media networks and it creates a strong profile for your business. Don’t forget to create a document with all your social media passwords somewhere secure and centralised so you never get caught out.

You can find all the up to date social media image dimensions for the key networks online here. 

social media icons

Image by SoftArea.


A social media audit is the perfect time to take a deeper look at what others are doing in your space. Think about 3-5 competitors whose social media networks you admire. Use the downloadable template above to record their details and make notes below about what it is you like about them. Think about their tone, the sorts of content they share and their customer service style. What can you learn from them? How do they inspire you?


Just by looking at the statistics you’ve collected now about your own social media channels and those of your competitors, you’ll start to see the areas you’d like to improve or the things you’d like to change.

1. Use analytics to recognise growth and guide your strategy
There are lots of free tools to help you gather data on your social media growth and engagement. Facebook includes Page Insights, Buffer offers analytics for a range of social networks and Iconosquare can be used for Instagram.

Use these to celebrate your achievements – look back to where you were 12 months ago and note how far you’ve come. You might discover you have fewer fans on one channel but much higher engagement – this is important to note. Analytics will help you see what channels are growing fastest, gathering the highest engagement and how they’re contributing to your overall social strategy.

2. Set goals for the future
Last, but not least, set yourself some social media goals. Where do you see your social presence in 12 months? What would make you proud? Of course consider your follower growth, engagement and frequency of posts, but also take time to think about your dream content. What would you love to be known for? These questions are important to understanding why you’re on social media and how to get to where you want to go. You can start to plan this all out in your May Content Calendar too. Download yours here: Of Kin – 2015 May Monthly Calendar – Content Kin – landscape


Social media audits help to give you understanding of the past, a clear view of what’s happening right night, and a destination to work towards. This kind of clarity is helpful in all areas of business. Make the most of your gorgeous communities and get cracking today.

Got a question? Shout out below.

Kylie, x

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