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Business Essentials #7: How to plan a campaign

Written by Kylie Lewis

Hello, Winter! This week has certainly brought darker days and colder weather. It’s got me thinking (dreaming) of warmer destinations and sandy beaches. Instead of letting those thoughts of summer weather get the best of me, I’m determined to embrace the chilly months ahead with optimism and energy and use this time indoors to check in and set goals for the new financial year ahead. Which brings me to this month’s business essentials focus – campaign planning.


If your business is based in retail (or elsewhere) it’s likely you’ve planned and launched a campaign before, even maybe without realising it. There are often two types of campaigns – those based around holidays or specific events (i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day), and those based around the launch of new products and collections. Both follow a similar structure and both are incredibly important for ensuring your beautiful product or service is met with celebration, excitement and support. I’ve put together a list of all the touchpoints to consider when launching a campaign – with a particular focus on all things digital.


The perfect place to start. Your website and e-commerce store should always reflect your campaign focus.

  • Update home page banners
  • Create campaign specific landing pages (i.e. a special webpage where all the content and product that is part of your new campaign lives in one handy spot for customers to shop and experience)
  • Target SEO keywords and update meta data and keywords if necessary

Your content will encompass all your online imagery, blog posts and video content and will drive your social media content also. Think about how all content can be cross promoted through your website, email, blog, social and, if you have a bricks and mortar store, in store.

  • Campaign relevant blog posts
  • Campaign photoshoots (produce imagery to be used for content, social media and web banners)
  • Online catalogue/gift guide
  • Video content
  • Find targeted keywords for SEO & include in website copy, online product copy, blog and social posts

Share your exciting new campaign with your entire email database and don’t be afraid to try out targeting different segments of your database based on their purchase behaviour.

  • Create campaign emails/newsletters
  • Launch email to entire database
  • CRM (Email to database segments)
  • Update internal email signature

Social media is the perfect place to share your new campaign and for many customers will be the first time they experience it. Update the imagery for all your social channels, and consider unique social content and even social media competitions and giveaways to encourage user-generated content and build brand awareness.

  • Choose specific campaign hashtags
  • Update all social pages with new campaign imagery
  • Create campaign content for social media
  • Consider social media specific competition/giveaway


  • Update Facebook cover & profile photos
  • Create content for Facebook
  • Create Facebook photo album
  • Consider Facebook paid advertising


  • Update Google+ cover & profile images
  • Create Google+ posts


  • Update Instagram profile picture
  • Set specific hashtags
  • Create Instagram content
  • Consider Instagram promotion/competition


  • Update Twitter cover & profile images
  • Create Twitter posts


  • Create dedicated campaign Pinterest board
  • Add new images/product pictures to Pinterest
  • Update existing boards
  • Consider Pinterest competition/promotion


  • Update LinkedIn header and profile images
  • Create LinkedIn posts

As with social media, consider launching a fun promotion for all fans or a giveaway to members only to build excitement.

  • Members only discount
  • Launch promotion
  • Online giveaway/gift with purchase

Make the most of those savvy bloggers out there and look into digital PR by reaching out to fans or personalities who you think would fall in love and be the perfect advocate for your brand. Combine this with traditional PR and support your campaign in every way.

  • Blogger outreach
  • Magazine/newspaper outreach
  • Media Release
  • Consider holding media showings if it’s a large and worthy campaign

For larger campaigns such as Christmas (and even small ones) you might want to consider paying for advertising.

  • Social media – Facebook advertising & promoted posts
  • Google Adwords

Don’t forget those smaller but just as significant details such as your online packaging, collateral and shipping fees. Would adding a small gift to all orders brighten your customer’s day and build brand loyalty?

  • Online order inclusions (i.e. gifts, printed catalogues, gift vouchers, thank you cards, gift wrapping)
  • Online packaging (i.e. Christmas inspired boxes, ribbon and tissue paper)
  • Free/special shipping offers



Do you have a gorgeous bricks and mortar store that complements your online store? If so, how can your campaign messaging translate to in store visual merchandising and in store collateral. Think about your store windows like you would the homepage of your website – they’re the first point of contact for many visitors walking by and the window into the soul of your campaign.

Consider your shopping bags and in store collateral as you would your online packaging – update these for special campaigns such as Christmas.

Does the campaign include a new collection of products? Consider how the campaign messaging could be used on product packaging. Are you including a social media competition with a specific hashtag? How about adding the hashtag to your product packaging or online packaging for the duration of the campaign?


Download: Of Kin – Campaign Planning Checklist

There are so many things to consider when launching and organising a campaign and the thought of it all coming together in one seamless and engaging customer experience makes me oh-so-excited. I’ve put together a little checklist that includes these main points so that you can print and tick off when planning and executing your next campaign. Before you know it, Christmas will be on your doorstep and the better organised you are, the more efficient and effective your campaigns will be.


Download your June monthly planner here: Of Kin – 2015 June Monthly Calendar – Content Kin – landscape

Happy planning kinfolk!

Anything more to add to the list? Let me know what you think and we can continue to add to it together.

Kylie x

P.S Don’t forget to download your June monthly planner too and keep me up to date with how you’re going in this business essentials series! Any learnings you want to share with me?

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