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Business Essentials #9: Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips
Written by Kylie Lewis

What a week it’s been! The Reed Gift Fair closed a couple of days ago and Life Instyle a little before that. You gorgeous retailers will need to start your Christmas planning now that you’ve placed your Christmas orders. Yes, I know, it seems crazy to be mentioning Christmas, but it’s August and we know October will arrive before we know it. By planning ahead you’re setting yourself up to get the most out of the year’s biggest retail event.

I’m not immune to the mid-winter blues and we also had a blue moon to contend with last week which was throwing things off sort and seemed to leave a little haze around. Let’s shake that off and get cracking with these productivity tips.Productivity Tips


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again! If you plan the work, you’re one step closer to doing it and another step closer to achieving those big goals. Get out your monthly calendar (your new August calendar is below), note down upcoming important dates or events, shipping deadlines, promotions – get it all down in your marketing calendar and then plan out what needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get you above and beyond where you want to be. Break down big projects or tasks into smaller, achievable steps and create To Do lists so nothing’s forgotten!



Now’s the time to set your top three priorities for the Christmas quarter. What three things will have the biggest impact on your business? Do you need the support of others? Who could help you? What’s one thing you can do today to work on one of them? Ask the questions, get some clarity on your big three priorities and focus your efforts for the best results.


Research has shown that there is much to be said for focusing on one thing at a time. I know how hard it is to forgo distraction and multi-tasking when you’re juggling a business, a family, a social life and everything in between. But trust me on this one – if you focus on the task at hand, you boost your productivity and the quality of the work is higher which means you love what you do and you get it done quicker. Is that not a win-win situation?


This productivity technique was one I used when I was writing my book a little while back. It’s called the pomodoro technique – you set the timer for 25 minutes (which is called a pomodoro), work through for 25 minutes without stopping, then when the timer goes off you must take a 5 minute break. Every four pomodoros (25 minutes) you take a longer break. This one really works – you push through and work so efficiently for those 25 minutes because the timer’s ticking in the background. Find out more about it here.

Productivity Tip focusing


We all know the benefits of exercising but I can’t stress how important it is for your mental health, stress management and overall productivity. You just get more done when you make time to move your body. I teach preggi bellies yoga which gets me out of the house and I also buy a yoga ten pass so I’m forced to use up the classes before they expire! Find what works for you and prioritise it.


This one’s an important one for your mental health and wellbeing too. You just can’t go-go-go all the time. You need to take time out (before you burn out!). Find out what helps you relax – a long bath, putting on a candle, reading a book, booking a massage – and treat it like you would an appointment. Because, yes, your mental health is so very important and the happier you are, the more productive you are.

I know it can be so easy when life gets a little hectic to let work take over and I know how our best intentions can get lost in the business of running a business! These tips will help you maintain balance and they will help you stay productive through the crazy times. Get your routine and your habits sorted now so that when Christmas arrives, you hit the ground running. Download your free August content calendar below!

Download your free printable August content calendar: Of Kin – 2015 August Monthly Calendar – Content Kin – landscape

August Content Calendar

Do you have any other productivity tips that have worked wonders for you? I’d love to know! Share them with me below lovelies!

Kylie, xx

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