“How can I get more sales after a trade fair?” – Bec, Sydney

Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

Bec, that’s a great question, and one that many retailers fail to ask.

Imagine if you could get potentially tens of thousands of dollars in sales, AFTER a trade fair.

Trade fairs are a whirlwind of people, products and, hopefully, sales.
As an exhibitor, you’re high on excitement, surrounded by thousands of potential customers. You’re ready to sell anything and everything.

The reason you exhibit at trade fairs is mainly to attract new customers, right?
But a new customer once is not going to change your bottom line. In order to have a sustainable business model, you need to focus on repeat business.

So many of the other exhibitors at a trade fair will overlook this important part of the sales process.
Post-trade fair, they’re bogged down in the running of the business – inputting orders to their system, organising inventory and getting orders dispatched.

This is where YOU have the ability to leverage everyone else’s busy-ness, and make MORE money, even after the trade fair has ended.

So, how do you do it?

These tips aren’t rocket science.

They’re just simple strategies that you can put in place to increase your return on exhibitor investment, to turn a potential customer into a repeat buyer, and hopefully, a customer that tells everyone about you, because word of mouth is the most positive form of advertising.

Extend your trade fair offer past the event end

  • Attending a trade fair as a customer is hard work. Days of walking around, being shuttled between venues, and seeing thousands of potential new products.
  • At the end of the week, it’s easy to have NON-buyer’s remorse. Failing to buy something you saw, but, you can’t remember which venue you saw it in, or who the exhibitor was.
  • By extending your trade fair offer for a further fortnight, you’ll be able to draw in the people who intended to buy, but never got around to it.

Create a can’t-go-past offer for stores that couldn’t attend

  • Not everyone can fly interstate to attend a trade fair.
  • So, after you’ve updated your customer database with all those new leads, take the time to contact your existing customers that couldn’t make the show, and offer them their own, not-available-at-the-show offer.
  • Make it different, but just as good, as your show offer, to make it clear that you still love their business, and that they’re not being penalised for not making it to the show.

Follow up in a timely manner

  • You’re busy, I know.
  • And so are your competitors.
  • But if you put off following up potential customers for a month, while you get all the busy work done, your conversion rate is going to be so much lower.

And lastly…

Get on the phones, call and SPEAK to people.

I can guarantee your competitors will just send out an email and hope for the best. But when you show a customer that you’re prepared to take time out of your day, and speak to them, then your company is going to be a lot more memorable, and approachable, and will move your business to the top of their supplier list.

Many successful businesses make MORE money after a trade show, than they do at the event. And they do this, by focusing on the customer.
If you employ these basic strategies, post-trade show, your Return on Investment (ROI) is likely to be significantly higher.

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