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Domenica Kiely
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Whilst home fragrance scent choices are completely personal, there are some scents that tend to lead the pack. Scents that evoke memories of holidays or experiences, for example, tend to be big sellers. Who wouldn’t want to be transported back to an idyllic beachside setting for the price of a candle?

When it comes to candles, some people like a bold strong fragrance, whilst others tend to prefer something that is understated to delicately fragrance their home. Sweet, spicy or headier scents tend to be more popular in winter, while the warmer seasons tend to bring with them a preference for more uplifting floral or citrusy scents.

Here are just a few of the home fragrance exhibitors that will be on board to delight the senses at the Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne February.

Home Fragrance Mi Amor

Mi Amor Candles

(Stand FIS16, Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne February 2017)

Each artisan quality Mi Amor candle is carefully hand poured in Melbourne, using a premium soy blend wax. Perfumed with delightfully rich and perfectly balanced essential and aromatic oils, Mi Amor candles are designed to awaken the senses. Coming in chic vessels, Mi Amor candles also make a beautiful décor statement.

(Mi Amor Candles image above via Mel Evans Photography)

Home Fragrance The Madam Candle Co

The Madam Candle Company

(Stand FIS21, Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne February, February 2017)

The Madam Candle Company was born when Adam, the co-creator of the company, first realised the ability of fragrance to lift his spirits by evoking positive memories. Joined by his partner, Michael, the duo combined their love of candles with their passion for all things vintage to produce a beautiful collection of nostalgic candles with wooden wicks.

Home Fragrance Inspirations Collection


Wright Power Australia: Inspirations Collection

(Stand H147, Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne February, February 2017)

The Inspirations Collection of Australian made candles aim to create a positive mindset with each candle including an inspirational quote on the vessel. Each Inspirations Collection candle is long burning, richly scented and lead free.

(Feature image via the Inspirations Collection.)

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