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Christmas Marketing Campaign Tips for Small Business

Header Image by the wonderful Gather & Feast – another example of valuable and inspiring Christmas content for your customers.
Domini Marshall
Written by Domini Marshall

Christmas can be a crazy time for all, juggling amped up social calendars with work, life and good ol’ Christmas cheer. It’s especially busy for small businesses due to an increase in those wonderful sales (hopefully) and customer service enquiries (most definitely). To make the most of all those shoppers looking to buy, here are a few tips to help you navigate the festive season online…

Plan ahead with a content calendar

Take some time to get clear on a content strategy for the Christmas period. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be super simple. Start by creating a content calendar in Microsoft Word or Excel. A simple monthly or weekly calendar will work. Add in any special dates or events for your business like your shipping deadlines, staff leave, any promotions or in store events. From here, start to build your content strategy around it.

Involve your customers in your campaign

What do you love about Christmas? How can you turn that into engaging and inspiring content for your customers? Think about your own Christmas memories and stories, and how you might share those with your customers on social media. For example, you could create a campaign around Christmas traditions and ask your customers how they love to celebrate. Involve your community in the process and embrace the beauty of Christmas together.

Update your website and social media imagery

Invest in some new photography and update your website and social media pages, such as your cover and profile pictures for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Beautiful Christmas-inspired imagery will help communicate to your customers that you’re a gifting destination.

Monitor social media channels

You’ll likely notice an increase in customer enquiries online. Respond to these as promptly as possible and if you find you’re receiving a lot of the same questions or enquiries, consider turning that content into a blog or social media post. That way your customers get the information they need, and you save yourself time.

Create gift guides

Make it easy for your customer by curating selections of gifts to suit their needs. An example might be writing blog posts on your top gifts for different people – from the cat lover, to the person who has everything. You can then share that content across each of your social channels and create specific Pinterest boards for each gifting category, making the most out of one piece of content.

Prep Pinterest for Christmas

Pinterest is a great tool for Christmas shoppers. Make the most of it by moving your seasonal boards to the top of your page and creating boards not just for your products as Christmas gifts, but also for festive decorations, Christmas DIY projects, menu ideas and gift wrapping.

Send an email newsletter

Don’t forget about your email marketing. This is the super handy tool that many small businesses forget about, but it’s one that consistently drives traffic. Always be driving your social media followers to sign up to your email list, and send out an email newsletter with some exclusive content, a gift or promotion just for email subscribers.

Be clear about shipping deadlines

If you have an online store, clearly communicate your shipping deadlines on your home page and product pages. Remind customers often via your social channels to drive sales and ensure they don’t miss placing their order.

I hope these tips help you approach Christmas with a serious sense of organised calm. Enjoy a glass of champagne on me, you deserve it. If you have any questions or comments, say hello below, or find me on Instagram @dominimarshall

Domini x

*Header Image by the wonderful Gather & Feast – another example of valuable and inspiring Christmas content for your customers.

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Domini Marshall
Domini Marshall

Domini Marshall is a content strategist and writer based in Melbourne. After completing her Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne, Domini found herself in the world of digital communications landing a dream job managing the social media and content for Swedish design brand, kikki.K. Since then, she made the leap to start her own freelance business and works with inspiring brands finding creative and authentic ways to tell their story.