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Corporate Gifting – 3 Ways You Can Create Your Point Of Difference

Sarah Cross
Written by Sarah Cross

Are you’re struggling to find the work-life balance, and your business is starting to take over your life?

If you’ve been working with me or reading my blogs for a while, you will know I specialise in corporate gifting. This strategy grew my business from the kitchen table to an award winning million dollar gift hamper business. Trust me when I tell you tapping into the lucrative corporate gifting market works! You do however, need to set yourself apart from your competitors and create a point of difference to attract and keep this market engaged.

It’s easier said than done, which is why I’ve outlined 3 key ways you can create YOUR point of difference in this competitive demographic.

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Hands up if you’ve received a generic gift from a supplier or client? How did that make you feel? My guess is this business failed to leave an impression on you. The reason businesses give their clients generous gifts is to keep them engaged and hopefully, score a word of mouth referral from them. So, it goes without saying, they want their gift to stand out.

Think about your gift ware business and your products. Are they distinctive? Do they stand out from the masses? If not, now is your time to assess your offerings.

Creativity can be achieved through your packaging, personalisation of products, the actual products you include and even through to your messaging. Think about the audience you are attracting. If it’s real estate agents, why not create a quirky hamper for them to give to their new home owners? It could include slippers for the new owners to enjoy in their home complete with a high end hot chocolate kit for example. This is much more enticing than the standard champagne and candle combo!

Your options are endless! Don’t be afraid to push the envelope here.

Little Extras

Once you’ve lured your client through your exceptional offerings, going above and beyond WILL make a mark. I want you to think about the last time you received little extras when you purchased something or even dined out. It could have been a waiter that went above and beyond, an online retailer who assisted you with a seamless return or even a freelancer that happily updated your graphic free of charge. Will you be a repeat customer of theirs? I’m sure you will!

The same goes for your business. How will you ensure your client is taken care of and made to feel like they matter? Is it a handwritten thank you card after a particularly large order? Is it a quick turn around? Is it a free hamper for every 20 that they order?

Little offerings such as these WILL leave your client feeling loved and they will most likely become a repeat customer of yours.

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Engagement Throughout The Customer Journey

Mapping out a strategic customer journey is an excellent way to ensure your clients are engaged throughout their dealings with you. Think about your target market. Think about the journey they take from discovery, through to purchasing all the way to post-purchasing. How are you engaging them at each point?

What is your turnaround like for enquiries? Can you look at automating some of your communications to make it a quicker process? Once your client has received their order, how are you keeping them engaged? This is where I see lots of business owners fall over.

A simple trick I have used myself in the past, is to create a post purchase email sequence. This can be fed to them over a month or even longer and can include emails that asks the client to review the product, follow your business on socials and later down the track, even offer them a discount to purchase again.

Tapping into your already acquired customer base and encouraging repeat purchases will both grow your sales and keep your clients engaged. I can guarantee many of your competitors aren’t taking advantage of this strategy so you WILL stand out if you employ it effectively.

Do you have anything you’d add to the list?

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Sarah Cross
Sarah Cross

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