Courage before fear

Sarah Cross
Written by Sarah Cross

“Before anything else, conquer fear.”

I decided to write a post about fear because I’ve talked to too many women this week who all have brilliant ideas, plans laid out and yet, they are being held back by their fear.

Fear of leaving their jobs and starting a business.

They have what it takes to be successful…except for courage.

All of their concerns around not making enough money, failure, lacking the necessary skills are, of course, still valid. However, letting these fears eat them up is what is holding them back from making their dream businesses a reality, and that is the problem.

More than a couple of decades ago, I was fearless and yet naïve too. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and just fearlessly went for anything I desired…but look where my fearlessness has brought me! It brought me knowledge of what I didn’t know.

If not for my courageous-self back then, I would probably still be ignorant and naïve even now. I’ve realized what a big difference a little courage makes. My courage made things happen.

Here are some strategies I’d like to share to help fearful individuals become courageous enough to start a business:

Respond to your yearnings.
You don’t necessarily need to know how and what the first steps are right away. Simply acknowledging that voice inside your head urging you to start the business is the first step to realizing your dreams.

Make use of a journal.
Write down the goals for your business. Take note of when you plan to leave your job, start your business and the amount of money you will need to save. After writing down your goals, start working towards achieving them through careful step-by-step courses of action.

Visualizing helps you realize your dreams. Make a detailed visualization of your business – things such as the office space you want to work in and the type of clients you want to serve. When you visualize your goals, you are far more likely to experience them.

Start by evaluating your beliefs. Check if your beliefs are actually what you want to achieve and then realign your beliefs with your goals.

Do what you love.
We sometimes hear people say that love beats fear. If fear starts to scare you off what lies ahead, think about what you love to do and use it to fuel your passion and drive.

Get used to change.
You can do this by creating different routines. Changing routines will help you get used to grasping daily changes. Being adaptable to change will make you less fearful of the unknown.

Act like a boss.
Get a feel of what it is like to be your own boss. Make your own schedule and design your own process to generate revenues. Doing this will help you build up your confidence.

Fears are valid and real, but for the most part, they are only heavy thoughts. FIGHT THEM! That’s how you really start your business.

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To Your Success!

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Sarah Cross
Sarah Cross

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