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Written by hollylance

Eclectic is a great design theme that can be created with either a small budget or a lot of money. It’s usually on the tighter budgets that I suggest the theme, if it will of course suit the look of the store.

Whilst eclectic might sound good and easy to achieve, it’s not just a case of going to a few op shops and purchasing furniture and décor. There still has to be a common theme to tie it all together.

One easy theme is to use colour. I have previously designed a chain of shops using a red based colour theme. All the fabric, wall papers, timber stains, veneers had a red base. It also allowed me to blend in other colours such as oranges. Orange is a mix of red and yellow, so that was enough to gain entry into my themed eclectic. 

Another eclectic theme is to pick a time period. This may be Deco or the 70’s. All furniture, wallpaper, laminates, picture frames etc should tie into this period. That means you can mix 2nd hand and new so long as the time period is the same.

Eclectic done well is always a pleasure to experience. It creates a visual feast that can linger in the memory a long time after.

 Who Am I? janet HS I am a Brisbane based interior designer. For over 20 years I have been designing retail outlets ranging from food outlets to hair & beauty retailers. My clients include “one off” stores and multi nationals. I also do domestic design from smaller bespoke jobs to large scale renovations.
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