Why Your Customer Gifts Are Actually All About You

Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

In my online stores, we always used to like to add a little gift into each order that we posted out. Nothing strange about that, right? Many online businesses like to up-level the customer experience, by wrapping parcels in beautiful branded tissue paper, and including a branded magnet, or some other such trinket, so that the customer will come back and shop with them again.

Whether you’re an online store or a shopfront, trying to work out the ‘right’ gift to include in an order can take up a lot of your time.

You put the question up in Facebook groups, searching for something that will make you different. You ask your customers, you shop around for the best product for the best price.

Because you want your customers to remember your business, and to buy from you again.

The Art of Gifting

When I heard John Ruhlin, author of Giftology, talking about how giving gifts was an art form and a strategy, my whole view on customer gifts shifted.

John’s philosophy is that a gift should always be memorable. It should never be about the giver. And most of the time, the best gift recipient is actually the family of the recipient.

When you give gifts the right way you build a relationship, and every time they see that item, they’re reminded of the experience of receiving it.


Why You’re Gifting All Wrong

The ‘Gifting’ topic came up on social media recently (albeit, in relation to what you received when you bought your home), and the answers were varied.

“Nothing” was the most common, followed by a bottle of wine or a hamper.

But the ones that were a standout included:

  • A gift box of fluffy white Sheridan towels
  • A designer wall hanging
  • A chopping board and knife set
  • A subscription to Vogue magazine

What do all of these things have in common?

Not one of these memorable gifts were … branded!

Gift a solution

In the past I know that I’ve fallen into the trap of sending out branded merchandise … but these days my view on giving customer gifts, is very different. No longer am I worried about having my name plastered all over the gift.

So how do you find the perfect customer gift? It starts with listening to your customers …

  1. What problems do they have every single day?
  2. What little hurdle do they find themselves facing, every single day?
  3. What small thing, could make their life easier?

Now that you’re attuned to the types of questions to ask, and the problems to look out for, the perfect gift will come to mind. And it probably isn’t going to be branded gift wrapping, branded magnets, branded keyrings, or branded USBs.

Next time you’re researching customer gifts, keep this in mind …

Do something memorable to be remembered.

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