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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

With six kids between them, the clever mums over at Pouch Australia, Kate and Kate, know a thing or two about toys and clutter. They also know how to manage said toys and clutter.

You see, when the toy situation over at their respective homes began getting (ahem) out of control, these Aussie mums decided to do something about it: they went to work on re-inventing the good old sheet-and-string storage system of yesteryear and, soon enough, the Play Pouch was born.

A genius play mat and storage system in one, the Play Pouch keeps both kids and parents alike happy. The Play Pouch gives kids a place to play, all the while containing and minimising the dreaded mess factor. Yep, this unique ‘play and pack’ system keeps kiddie toys contained so they don’t overtake the entire home!

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Made from tough canvas and strong rope to keep little toys nice and secure, the Play Pouch comes complete with a pocket and a zip to keep treasures and valuables safe. Available in a great range of colours and prints, the Play Pouch will fit right in at your modern home.

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There is even a Mini Play Pouch for smaller collections of toys – this is the perfect way for the kiddies to take their toys over to nanna’s house for a sleepover!

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Beach lovers will love the Aqua Play Pouch: a clever waterproof pouch that doubles as a beach mat and bag. This handy carry-all comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport to and from the beach and a zip pocket for storing valuables. It opens out to become whatever you like: a mat, a play space or a picnic rug – super versatile!

Pouch Australia will be exhibiting their range of pouches at Stand SG1227 at the Melbourne Reed Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017. You can contact them via, and see them for yourself at the fair. Register now!


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