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We’re all for getting kids outdoors, but when the weather doesn’t play nice, you want to have an indoor alternative that will keep the munchkins happy. This is where it pays to have a good set of kid-friendly board games and educational toys at the ready.

Dominoes - Reed Games Post

Pre-kindergarten kidlets will love playing with more tactile games, where they can use their hands to build (or demolish!). Games like dominoes are great for this age group, because the rules are simple to follow, but their little minds will still be processing ideas about cause and effect and practising simple counting.

This collection of domino games is available via Reed Gift Fairs exhibitor, Bobangles. They’re portable and so are perfect for travel.

Puzzles - Reed Games Post

Puzzles are a fab way to engage critical thinking. They keep the mind active and help kids (and adults, for that matter!) develop crucial problem solving skills.

These Mudpuppy puzzles are available via Reed Gift Fair exhibitor, Bobangles. They’re 36 pieces each and perfect for kids aged 3+.

Roald Dahl Puppet Theatre - Reed Games Post


Get their creative juices flowing with this amazing Roald Dahl Puppet Theatre. All your favourite Roald Dahl characters together on one stage, playing out your kiddo’s favourite moments from Dahl’s classic books.

Available via Independence Studios, this puppet theatre is perfect for ages 6+.

Tabletop Games Reed Games Post

The whole fam-bam will love this range of tabletop games from Lagoon. Choose from a box containing Charades, Jokes or Trivia Quiz prompts and get ready to hear fits of laughter!

Available via Independence Studios, these games are recommended for ages 8+.

You’ll find Bobangles at Stand F103 (Reed Gift Fairs – Melbourne February 2017) and Stand QQ41 (Reed Gift Fairs – Sydney February 2017).

You’ll find Independence Studios at Stand C115 (Reed Gift Fairs – Melbourne February 2017) and Stand N47 (Reed Gift Fairs – Sydney February 2017).

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