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Gain Christmas gift inspiration from the quirky and fun products shortlisted in the Gadgets and Novelties category for the upcoming Gift & Life Instyle Awards (GALA), to be held at the sparkling new Grand Ballroom at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour.

Gadgets, novelties, toys and games comprised the impressive selection of category entries, whittled down by our jury of respected industry names.

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Angry Mama by Davis and Waddell | Albi

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Angry Mama steam cleans the grime from your microwave using just water and vinegar – keeping harmful chemicals out of Australian kitchens! To use this highly-popular product, simply fill with water and vinegar and microwave on high for 5-7 minutes, letting steam pour from Angry Mama’s head. This steam loosens dirt and grime, allowing the microwave to then be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Voilà!

Giftworks Crown Onion Glasses | Albi

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Cry no more, your majesty! These fab glasses will make you the ‘Queen of Chopped Onions’! Albi challenge the age-old issue of onion-induced eye irritation with these fun glasses, designed to keep tear-causing onion vapours out while you chop. Their unique crown design and fun colours (gold and pink) make them an upbeat item and fabulous gift idea.

My 1st Birthday Keepsake | Baby Made

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The Baby Made ‘My 1st Birthday Keepsake’ was created to fill a gap in the baby and child novelty gift and keepsake market – to celebrate a baby’s 1st birthday. This contains a sturdy display frame, to showcase a favourite celebratory photo, plus a designated area to fill in baby’s name, nickname, height, weight and those precious first year milestones. Record your baby’s perfectly detailed hand or footprint safely with the miraculous Inkless Print Kit – just wipe, press and print!

This is an adorable, durable and delightful keepsake parents will cherish for a lifetime. | @babymadekeepsake

The Affirmation Button by ISGift | Independence Studios

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“I feel radiant and full of energy” is just one of the many hilarious and satirical affirmations at your fingertips when you own an IsGift Affirmation Button. The Affirmation Button includes 10 pre-recorded sayings that are played when the button is pressed –  a hilarious addition to any office, classroom, kitchen bench, car or teenage retreat. | @independencestudios

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