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This February marks the fourth year of our prestigious Gift & Life Instyle Awards, the industry event that focuses on exceptional talent within our community.

The ever-popular Kids, Toys & Games category comprises of products for children of all ages. From gifts, clothing and accessories to plush toys and figurines, this category’s shortlist is brimming with exceptional entries that promote both the essential and fun side of growth and development.

Read on to discover more about the fabulous shortlisted entries …

Baby Shusher – Baby Shusher Australia

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Baby Shusher is a company founded by real parents with a genuine passion for creating “sleep miracles” for babies. The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested and approved technique to help soothe your fussy baby and get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby). The Baby Shusher quickly soothes any baby. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices. Features include a built in timer, volume control and a wrist strap.  For newborns and up.

@babyshusherau | www.babyshusher.com.au

Flappy the Elephant (GUND) – Jasnor (Australia) 


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Flappy the Elephant is an adorable singing animated plush toy with two different play modes. He plays peek-a-boo when you press his left foot, and he sings the popular children’s song “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” when you press his right foot. Ears flap during both modes of play to delight baby. Materials: Made from high-quality, surface-washable and huggable plush material.

jasnor.com.au | @jasnoraus

Alphabet Crocodile Puzzle (Orange Tree Toys) – Jasnor (Australia)

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Help teach kids the letters of the alphabet with this fun wooden jigsaw puzzle, in the shape of a cheeky crocodile! With brightly coloured jigsaw pieces, this kids ABC jigsaw puzzle is perfect for toddlers to learn their ABCs.

jasnor.com.au | @jasnoraus

Make Your Own Feather Crown – Huckleberry 

Feather crown

The Make Your Own Feather Crown is a unique present or activity for any young girl or boy as it combines a creative activity with pretend play. Kids can create their own gorgeous crown with the feathers included and embellish each feather with the glitter paint in the kit. Finished off with a golden leatherette it makes a stunning accessory to any child’s play!




Freedom Palette Medium & Freedom Palette Petite – C’est Moi

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C’est Moi is the world’s 1st Professional Skincare and Performance Makeup that is specially formulated for Kids Age 4-12 years old. Manufactured in Europe by a biochemist, it is developed with fresh fruit cells and skin loving ingredients. The Freedom Palette comes in two sizes; medium and petite, and has a wide array of compact foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks and makeup crayons to choose from. The colours are bold and long lasting. Not only our makeup is suitable for kids, but they are suitable for stage performances.

cest-moi.com.au | @cestmoiau

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Cream and When I Am Big Set – Independence Studios


IS Kids Toys Games

A book to read and a bunny to squeeze. There’s no child that wouldn’t want a story about their favourite bunny. Bedtime will become any little one’s favourite time thanks to Jellycat, with the combination of the beautiful Bashful Cream Bunny and the wonderful “When I am Big” illustrated book by Penny Johnson and Kirsten Irving. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift for boys or girls. Everyone treasures this little bunny.

isgift.com | @independencestudios

Mega MaBoRun – MDI Australia

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The Mega MaBoRun U-Slide measures up at a massive 193,000 cubic centimetres. The marbles follow two key tracks, dropping down from the towering height, then either following the U-shaped dip into centrifugal funnel laps (clocking in at an average of 12.2 seconds) or doing a death-defying 24cm jump followed by another jump through a Ring of Fire, before meeting up again at the bottom. The Mega MaBoRun Twister Track is a multi-towered twisting monstrousity with 12 unique pathways for the marbles to follow. Will they hit the turbo-charged loop or whiz around the dizzying spiral track? How about both! Plus a whole bunch of twisting slides and rail tracks, all leading to the same final destination, just to be picked up and run again!



The ToDo Game – Together Jar Games Pty Ltd

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The ToDo Game is a boxed collection of 30 creative, innovative and fun activities for families to do together without the need for technology. Created by Sydney parents Alexandra Drury and David Oswell together with their 6 year old daughter, activities range from coming up with original Pizza recipes, to creating a family tree, to making a vision board for where every member of the family wishes to be in 10 years time. The beauty of many of these activities is that they keep on giving as they spill out over time and have been designed to be played over and again. The aim is to get families spending more time together, talking, learning, reminiscing and creating irreplaceable memories.

todogame.com.au | @thetodogame

Kids Teepee – Rainbows and Clover 

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New to the Rainbows and Clover teepee family is the TOY teepees. Cream fabric with wooden poles, and its own carry-bag – it’s adorable! With a little window with a velcro curtain flap and a tie to keep the doorway open or shut, kids can play for hours and even take their teepee travelling (pop it in its own little bag). A beautiful natural product, designed in Australia and ethically made.

rainbowsandclover.com.au | @rainbowsandclover

Technology Will Save Us – Until
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Make, play, code and invent using technology. Technology Will Save Us is about inspiring kids and empowering parents to become creators of technology. Their DIY kits are vehicles for stealth learning that tap into the hobbies kids love, like music, gardening, gaming and sport. It’s not about the tech, it’s about what you can do with the tech: kids learn how to make, play, code and invent with technology and will find confidence, skills and passions through exposure to all the wonderful things technology can do. The box is just the start, and is supplemented by online tutorials, software and an array of project extensions.


The Gift & Life Instyle Awards (GALA) will be held in the Grand Ballroom at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, on Saturday 18 February … visit the website for more information.



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