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Product: Rant & RaveRant & Rave Stack


Rant & Rave inspires kids to write, draw and doodle about the things they really care about. The product is a unique journal with a fun twist: a double cover that lets you Rave about the good bits, then twist the journal over to Rant and let off a little steam! This innovative journal, initially available in ‘ My School’ and ‘ My Holiday”, creates relaxed and enjoyable moments and helps a child to let their feelings flow and discover their own uniqueness. A lovely activity book for home-time, bedtime, holidays or the weekend, and a fun unique gift for any occasion. Guided prompts take the child on a rant and rave about friendships, playground antics, teachers and lots more.Building a child’s confidence in writing ,and learning a life lesson that everything has good and bad bits in it! Congratulations Artico.

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