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Gender Surprise Newborn Gifts

newborn gifts - baby shoes
Dominique Perri
Written by Dominique Perri

As the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing for Baby Dino, an online department store for children’s fashion and interiors based in Sydney, Dominique Perri is our resident expert on all things baby! Check out her top picks below for when you have to buy a gift for a little one whose gender is kept a secret until the very end…

There is nothing more exciting than the arrival of a precious baby, especially when the gender is kept a surprise. However, as a visitor, it can leave you feeling stressed and rushed and without much time to find a suitable present if you have to leave it until the last minute.

To help you along, here are some stylish and gender neutral gift ideas for a newborn baby that you can buy ahead of time and be proud to give.

Soft soled shoes are a beautiful gift and something for parents to keep as a special keepsake long after their babies have outgrown them.  Aim for easy-to-style, neutral colours such as black, brown, grey and beige that are timeless and can be passed down to future siblings.  I love these classic oxfords by Australian brand Hubble and Duke.

Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

newborn gifts - soft soled shoes

Any parent will know how versatile baby swaddles are and you can never have enough!  I love these beautiful spotted baby wraps from Mama Maya, which are generously sized and made ethically from quality organic muslin.  Best of all, these truly are a gift that keeps on giving, as with every purchase, Mama Maya will provide funding for at least one clean birthing kit and caregiver training to ensure that at least one other mumma worldwide will be able to access a cleaner and safer birth.

newborn gifts - baby swaddles

Just take one look at these friendly baby comforters and it’s not hard to see why they are such a popular newborn gift.  Apart from the super fun prints, there are no buttons or embroidery to come away and their heads are filled with eco-friendly kapok filling with natural antibacterial properties.  A best bud for a newborn babe!

newborn gifts - baby comforters

So next time you are frantically running around in search of the perfect newborn gift, refer back to this shopping hit list which is sure to be a big success!

Feature image: HUBBLE & DUKE
Image credits: HUBBLE & DUKE | MAMA MAYA | BabyDino

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Dominique Perri
Dominique Perri

Dom is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing for Baby Dino, an online department store for children's fashion and interiors based in Sydney. Inspired daily by luxurious comfort, minimal style and clean, simple details, she loves bringing other parents mini style inspiration from a collection of her favourite brands.

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