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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

Over the coming weeks, we’ve put together some handy gift guides to help make Christmas gift shopping easier. This week, we are looking at gifts for people who help us by looking after the most treasured people in our lives, our children.

These are the people that make your life easier, that look after our kids. They’re the people who guide our children, help them grow and learn, and nurture them through the years. They’re the early childhood experts, the kindergarten teachers, the school teachers, the sports coaches, the tutors and all the other people who help our little poppets grow and develop.

These people are the ones we trust to be there for our kiddos, and they deserve a thanks for all the hard work they do to help our children become the best versions of themselves.

Here are our top 10 gifts for teachers and helpers…


As pictured above:

A) Australian Flowers Hand Cream | The Linen Press

B) Non-Toxic Nail Polish | Sienna Byron Bay

C) Mint Sets | Fabienne

D) Read My Eyes Mask | Annabel Trends

E) Jewellery | Palas

F) Grab & Go Sudoko Vol. 10 | Beaglier Books

G) Memo Block | Finmark

H) Sweet Fruits Limited Edition Christmas Candle | Ecoya

I) Rainy Day Rainbows Colouring in for Big Kids | Phoenix Distribution

J) Motto of the Day Set | Compendium

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