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Here’s how Lisa Pollock prepares for Mother’s Day

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We recently caught up with Lisa to ask her on a few tips and tricks on preparing for Mother’s Day. Hear how they choose which products to feature in their collection, and how you can maximize your social media channels to engage new and long-term customers!

What are your top Mother’s Day gifts for 2018?

Lisa Pollock’s top Mother’s Day Gifts include our beautiful Gift boxed coffee cups with stunning rose gold foiling, along with our pretty ceramic affirmation plaques and additionally our dream journals where mum can write down all her wishes, thoughts & goals! We also have a fun range called #RealMums which is a shout out to all those mums out there who just keep it real every day!

Can you give us tips on how we can use social media to create buzz and excitement about Mother’s Day?

Make the posts pretty. If something is irresistible to look at it will grab people’s attention. And short, fun videos like “boomerangs” always get a lot of likes! Something NOT to do is pepper everyone’s feeds…this just comes across like spam or junk mail and nobody wants that!

IMG_1583 Champagne Mum w- Sparkle
Lisa Pollock Artist has a lot of products to choose from – what factors do you consider in choosing your Mother’s Day collection?

Our target audience of course plays a big part in what products we consider being the best to represent the occasion. For Mother’s Day in particular we consider that children & adolescents may be helping dad with the purchase for mum so we consciously choose products that will appeal to the buyer. Something they would like mum to have! Additionally, the majority of us who work at Lisa Pollock are mum’s so we have a fairly good idea of what we ourselves would like to receive for this special day 😊


Make the posts pretty. If something is irresistible to look at it will grab people’s attention. And short, fun videos like “boomerangs” always get a lot of likes!

Which products/collection are you particularly excited about exhibiting at Reed Gift Fairs in Melbourne this August?

We can’t give away too much just now…you will just have to come to the stand to see the amazing new designs along with some fun new products which will be part of our new releases for the Christmas buying season.

What’s next for Lisa Pollock Artist?

There’s never a dull moment at Lisa Pollock HQ. We are always considering what’s hot in the market, what design trends are happening that may shape our next ranges and how we can continue to deliver to an audience who are looking for “new” as soon as they can get it! With Lisa finding inspiration from every corner of the globe, we’re sure you will see a reflection of this in future designs. We’re excited about the next few years as we aim to branch out further to a wider international market.


You can find out more about Lisa Pollock Artist by visiting her website here.

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