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The Magic of Make-Believe: Cotton Candy Imports

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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

Pretty much every grown woman can look back on her childhood and recall a love of all things fairy related. Who doesn’t remember pulling at a wobbly tooth and desperately hoping for a visit from the tooth fairy, or laughing at Tinkerbell’s mischievous but well-meaning ways?

Beyond the magical fun of make-believe however, this type of play actually holds a very important role in the development of our kids. Through imaginative play, kids develop their creativity, learn valuable social skills such as sharing and even learn to mull over issues they are internally processing.

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But where to go to find quality fairy toys worthy of encouraging a visit from a beautiful garden fairy or two?

Look no further than the range of fairy toys from Cotton Candy Imports – yes, the very same people that brought us the hugely popular range of best-selling mermaid dolls!

Sure to be at the top of every little fairy girl’s Christmas wish list this year is Cotton Candy Imports’ range of beautiful Solar Fairy Houses. These little pretties will be the highlight of any fairy garden, encouraging your poppets to venture outdoors for some fun and imaginative play. Imagine the squeals of delight come nightfall, when the solar lights work their magic to illuminate the garden!

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Cotton Candy Imports have added to their best-selling Solar Fairy Houses by offering a fun complementary range of fairy-themed decorative accessories. From gorgeous glow stones to outdoor fairy doors and fairy friends of the forest, your fairy loving tots will be in their element decorating their fairy house and playing with their magical friends.

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Cotton Candy Imports will be exhibiting their range of toys and Christmas products at Reed Gift Fairs Sydney September from 17-20 September, 2016. You will find them at Stand V32 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island.

Register to attend Reed Gift Fairs Sydney September here.

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Domenica Kiely
Domenica Kiely

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