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Mid-Century Modern

Week 28 Mid Century Modern 4
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Mid-Century Modern is a very broad term that roughly describes a design style between 1933 to 1965. Many of the furniture from that period have become iconic, for example the Eames Lounge Chair.

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One of the features of a Mid-Century Modern interior is wood. Teak, walnut, oak and rosewood were popular choices and make a nice change from the engineered pressed wood that is commonly used today.

Fireplaces were also common around this time. A paired back brick chimney can usually be seen taking pride of place in a Mid- Century Home.

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As with any Interior Design Style, lighting is key. In a Mid-Century home the lighting needs to be bold and make a statement. Lights usually have a combination of wood and metal and feature either geometric lines or round, curved shapes.

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Furniture needs to have clean lines, mid-century legs, accented with smooth, curved angles. It could be termed a minimalist design, as there are usually only one or two colours and rarely do they use patterns. Furniture also tends to be low slung, emphasizing the shape and the beauty of the piece.

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A sunburst mirror is an icon from this era.

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Paint your walls white to allow your furniture choices to shine. Or if you are feeling brave add some wallpaper. Paper one wall with something bold and glitzy in a graphic pattern to really show off your style.

A favourite inclusion in a mid-century home is the Bar cart. Stock with vintages glasses, liquors, ice bucket and a cocktail shaker.

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When implementing a Decorating style it is always important not to go too far, especially in the case of Mid- Century Modern, as you could run the risk of tuning your home into a time capsule.

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