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Five Must Have Travel Accessories For Your Next Holiday

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Going on holiday is alway exciting, but travel can come with some well known discomforts. Luckily, there are some travel accessories which can make your trip much more comfortable. Here are our five must have travel accessories for your next holiday.


Must Have Travel Accessories: hideaway flashlight storage Must Have Travel Accessories: hideaway flashlight

After sundown, the Hideaway Flashlight at Wild & Wolf has you covered. Outfitted with a brilliant LED light, the metal torch also has a secret compartment for your money or lip balm and a trusty bottle opener so you can crack open a bottle on the go. The Hideaway Flashlight is a convenient small size which will fit in any bag, coming in handy when you’re walking down those darker areas of your holiday destination.



Must Have Travel Accessories: NO BOUNDS Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

The No Bounds portable speaker allows you to listen to music in all terrain. The battery can last for up to 10 hours and you have the option to add a second No Bounds speaker with dual-speaker pairing.

The Integrated Microphone allows you make phone calls and the water & dust proof design means you can always feel safe taking the speaker wherever your holiday destination.

The lightweight design also features a keychain clip, excellent for placing on a bag ready for a journey and the sound is perfect when you have it at full volume to an even more low sound level.

Check out the No Bounds Portable Speaker at The House Of Marley.


Must Have Travel Accessories: leather cable organiser openMust Have Travel Accessories: leather cable organiser

Available at Etsy

Australians are travelling with more electrical items than ever before and all of that tech comes with more cables to carry around. A traveling cable organiser is a great accessory when travelling with small items like cords, cables, hard drives, flash drives, and wires.

It’s a perfect for organising cables neatly and can also be the ideal enhancement to your laptop computer bag or backpack. The cable organiser will safeguard your items from scratches, tangles and dirt as well as keeping you from leaving items behind.


Must Have Travel Accessories: ostrich pillow go

The Ostrich Pillow® Go is a stylish traveling pillow that adapts to your neck and also provides top quality comfort; the most stylish traveling cushion for people on the move!

Designed to supply maximum comfort and support for all neck dimensions, a light weight design and a quantity finish, it’s most definitely is the ideal travel companion for a long journey.

Check out the Ostrich Pillow® Go and travel pillows on their website.



Must Have Travel Accessories: packing cubes kmart

Image from Kmart.

Coming in all different sizes, differing in length, width and elevation, packing cubes are the best for packing all of your clothes or anything else you may wish to organise in your suitcase.

Packing cubes make packing a suitcase simple by keeping like products together; one cube for your trousers or skirts, one for tops, and another with underwear for example.

By filling your suitcase with packing cubes, your items are secured in the locations where they were placed, making the unpacking part super easy!



Must Have Travel Accessories: Cygnett ChargeUp Pro

Leave all your chargers behind. With enough power to quickly top-up your Laptop, Tablet, Smart device or Bluetooth earphones; the ChargeUp Pro 27000mAh USB-C Powerbank provides all the power you require from one portable device.

USB-C Rapid Charging for Laptops

The ChargeUp Pro 27000 supplies an extraordinary 60W USB-C output and delivers up to 1 complete charge on a MacBook Pro 15″- one of the most power haunted notebooks in the market.

Smartphone & iPad Rapid Charging

The ChargeUp Pro 27000 can also 100% charge your smart device as much as 7 full times for an Apple iPhone X or 5.8 times for a Galaxy S8, before you need to recharge the device.

Superfast Recharge times

The ChargeUp Pro 27000 PD has the ability to totally charge itself in 5 hours when utilising a USB-C wall charger, thanks to its remarkable 30W input. This is up to 3 times quick than a normal power bank, conserving you time when need a quick top up before leaving your home.

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