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Nature Inspired

Written by hollylance

The outdoors is a constant source of inspiration when decorating a room indoors. A colour palette motivated by Mother Nature is always on trend.



Below the addition of the natural textures of wood and stone combine to create a beautiful nature-inspired space.


However, you don’t have to build a wall of stone or line your ceiling with timber to create a nature-inspired space. Choosing components that reflect your personal style should be the first step when embracing this trend.

Including a touch of nature can bring a sense of balance to a modern, contemporary or industrial space. This can be through the addition of cushions, artwork, or accessories they have been motivated by Mother Nature. 


Cushions that reflect the outdoors through either their colour or design are good choices.


You could include a wallpaper or mural in a bright floral design. However a popular trend is to use a Grass cloth or Sea grass wallpaper to bring that natural element to a room.


You could add a Sisal or Jute rug. These rugs are both casual and modern; they give a room a relaxed, organic feel, which is a key component for a natural look.


Creating a nature-inspired space can mean bringing wood into a room. This can be through flooring, exposing the beams in the ceiling or by furniture and accessory choices.


Bringing the outdoors into your home can really inspire your creativity while at the same time be relaxing and soothing to the soul.

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