Why You Need to Dream Big in Business

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Sarah Cross
Written by Sarah Cross

Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big.

I want to tell you a secret. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have dared to dream big. They haven’t settled on comfortable … they have continued to push the envelope to evolve and grow in business.

Take Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal for example. Her business began on eBay and she ran it out of her humble abode. She saw a niche (vintage fashion) and worked tirelessly to grow the business. Nasty Gal now brings in over $300m worth of sales each year. She penned an autobiography, #girlboss detailing her rise to the top and sharing her business musings. The book has gone on to be a number one best seller.


Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography, #girlboss.

Do you think Sophie at the ripe age of 22 ever in her wildest dreams imagined she’d be such a roaring success? No. What she did do was dream big. Her business grew as a direct result of her ability to see the big picture and re-strategise in line with her customer needs. When eBay became hostile? She launched her own website. When she had competitors nipping at her ankles, she wowed her audience with something bigger and better.

Kelly Jameson and Abbey Baker are the founders of Edible Blooms. Founded in 2005, this company has continued to grow. What started as a small commercial kitchen and an online store, has grown into an award-winning, nationally recognised blooming business.

edible blooms

Kelly Jameson and Abbey Baker, founders of Edible Blooms.

Kelly and Abbey were never ones to shy away from a challenge. When they couldn’t hire in-house experts, they outsourced to freelancers to cut costs. They invested in e-commerce platforms before the ecommerce boom in Australia. They had a unique vision and one which Australia has embraced.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have had humble beginnings. Steve Jobs famously launched Apple from his garage!

So here’s to all of you working from your kitchen table and dreaming of your future success, by thinking BIG you will achieve BIG things.

My tips to keep your dreams BIG:

  • Dream big but plan small: break down your goals and list how you will achieve them. A dream without a plan is just a dream.
  • Track your progress: each time you reach a milestone, record it and CELEBRATE IT!
  • Stay motivated: motivation is like a muscle, the more you work it, the more you will have. Take small steps everyday to achieve your goal.
  • Embrace failure: take it as an opportunity to grow and learn from past mistakes.

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Sarah Cross
Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is an award-winning successful business woman. At 24 years old she successfully built and sold her own million-dollar gift hamper business and was formally recognised twice in the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Awards. With the rapid expansion of her rags to riches gift business, she built systems and procedures to enable its sales and marketing success and mastered the art of outsourcing to fulfil the demands of a highly-seasonal operation. Following the huge success of her own start-up business and using her hard-won wisdom and expert insights she’s now a Business Growth Mentor and helps gift basket owners accelerate sales and have their own financially-successful businesses.

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