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New Lovers Scandalise the Colour Palette

petrol blue and rose gold colour
Penelope Herbert
Written by Penelope Herbert

So Rose Quartz and Serenity are the Pantone Colours of the Year for 2016? Well, I’ll see your Pantone colours and raise you a Petrol Blue and a Rose Gold! Take THAT colour punch!

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold header

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Hillary Thomas Designs | Earrings by Kath Inglis. SA Artist | Hand-dyed woven throws by Catherine Christie of Wild & Woolly |Copper and brass pendant by Graeme Ayrst

Whilst warm and cool combinations make for a balanced palette in the home, if you want to live more dangerously than navy blue and timber, the grittiness of petrol blue and the sweet-but-street-smart rose gold make a powerful statement.

Artists and interior designers alike are embracing this unusual coupling and the results can be seen in décor and accessories across the country. If you are painting an entire room in petrol blue, then liven it up with rose-gold, amber, lemongrass, jade and peach. Picture frames, cushions in velvet, wool, silk and damask, vintage vases, metallic side tables and fresh flowers add a certain je ne sais quoi to such décor.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 1

Hillary Thomas Designs

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 2

Ingrid Rasmussen

Lobethal (SA) Artist, Rebecca Cooke, created her acrylic painting entitled ‘Black Necked Storks’ by introducing a shot of red amongst the petrol blue, rose-gold, moss greens and lilacs. The colours work beautifully together and represent the dynamic nature of this combination.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 3

Rebecca Cooke SA Artist

White can also be used to clarify petrol blue and create a fresh look, whilst still incorporating rose-gold in accessories such as metallic cushions, metal chair legs, a mirror, door handles, a vase, or plates and cutlery. A massive trend in homewares is marble & rose-gold for kitchen accessories such as a Lazy Susan, clock, serving platters, trays and condiment jars. Add a few, or a few more, to inject rose-gold into your petrol blue and white kitchen décor.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 4

Kristen Lafferty Design

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 5

British Standard by Plain English

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 6

Rowlands Associates

Ceramics displayed on an open shelf alongside timber bowls add earthiness to fresh décor. Choose bowls with colour combinations that match the petrol blue and rose-gold such as these noodle bowls from Adelaide artist, Alison Arnold; co-owner of Milan Rouge in the Adelaide Hills. Metallic rose-gold has the warmth of wood, but wood has texture that co-ordinates beautifully with petrol blue.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 7

Alison Arnold SA Artist

Metallic rose-gold is divine… so divine that one willing designer and home owner decided to build a whole house from metallic rose-gold sheeting. I have to say, I love it. I also love the statement of a shiny, metallic rose-gold bath – absolute luxury – and how good does it look popping from the petrol blue wall? If the wall was white or a paler shade of blue, the effect would be entirely different. A moody magic is derived from unexpectedly pairing petrol blue and rose-gold.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 8 & 9

Source unknown


South Australian artist Kath Inglis creates PVC jewellery in petrol blue. Kath uses soft, strong and liable PVC for which she has developed a way to apply colour. She then removes each piece from the surface using carving tools, often heat-fusing layers to build up the thickness. Each piece gleams like glass.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 12 & 13

Kath Inglis SA Artist

Melbourne jewellery maker Louise Ambry, from Xada Jewellery, takes inspiration from the colours, smells and scenes of Melbourne. Part of her new collection is mixing stone, wood, earth and rose-gold metallic colours with cream, marble and varying tones of petrol blue.

Petrol Blue and Rose Gold 16 & 17

Louise Ambry Xada Jewellery

See, I’m not imagining it; people everywhere are embracing this chic trend!

Feature image: Ingrid Rasmussen

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