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Seven Savvy Style Ideas

Penelope Herbert
Written by Penelope Herbert

Looking for something different to add to or change up your interior décor? Not all interior projects are expensive and time-consuming. Here are seven savvy style ideas from instant to weekend project, all destined to give your décor style a sense of individuality.

1. Exposed Brick

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with the potential for exposed brick, then you’re already ahead of the pack. Expose a little or expose a lot. Exposing whole walls, or even whole rooms, brings a rustic industrial vibe to your décor. If you have a large loft-style space you can expose more brick, but remember to balance it out with warm features. Wooden floors with rugs, exposed wood, leather, heavy knit or mohair throws and velvet curtains add textural warmth. Colours along the red, orange, yellow and cream spectrums will also add the feeling of warmth.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Helaina Bernstein Design

If you don’t want such a strong industrial feel, but still like the idea of a rustic feature, a window effect on a big wall could be your answer. Maintain the rustic vibe through the use of wood, cane, bamboo and metal accessories.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Elaine Richardson Architect

2. Single Cage Pendant Lights

There is a huge trend towards clusters of pendant lights and single globes in a metal ‘cage’. I personally like the single cage pendant lights that can feature in a room; like a chandelier, but not so glitzy.

In a kitchen that boasts white cupboards, marble bench tops and the warmth of wooden floors, a single metal pendant with multiple globes is a great feature which won’t compete for attention in the room.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Normandy Remodeling

I love this elegant dining room with its rich cream textiles, textured wallpaper and chocolate-y wooden floor and chair frames. Adding a glass chandelier would be an option, but the wooden single cage pendant works more harmoniously with the overall décor. It really elevates the room from ordinary to classy.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - dreamhouse studios

3. Add Metal

Another booming interior trend is metals and metallics. We are seeing a beautiful array of textiles with metallic threads as well as floor & wall tiles with metallic features. If you’re looking for something a little different, try a solid metal feature. A clean and modern white bathroom gets a quick refresh with the addition of a textured metal border. Warmth is added with bright orange towels, the colour of which can be changed to suit the home owners.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - H3K design

A lounge room with a featured metal chair maintains the theme with a striking metal wall panel. The velvet covered couch, together with the pops of bright pink and metal grey stripes, pulls the look together and creates warmth.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Celia James Interior Design

4. Typographic Prints

If you live in a rental property, typographic prints are the easiest trend to jump on the bandwagon of right now. They are chic and fabulous propped up on the floor, hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf and are great for any room in the house; even a mud room.

Purchase online or create your own with an amazing font and not much else!

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Eclectic Creative

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Magnolia

5. Blackboard Paint

Why simply put blackboard paint on the wall? Whilst it can be handy in the kitchen for writing notes and shopping lists, how about using it to paint a child’s chest of drawers? This clever idea teaches a child how to put away their clothes and where to find them again. Plus, you can change what’s in the drawers by season or as the child grows.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Leanne Bunnell Interiors

Another clever idea is to paint the bathroom door and change up different quotes and words of inspiration. If you don’t want to paint the actual bathroom door, find a disused wooden door and recycle it as an art piece with fun inscriptions!

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Jessica McKay

6. Group Accessories

Another simple way to create a chic interior is to group accessories together. I know some people find it difficult to visualize, but there are two simple rules to help you:

  1. Group in odd, not even, numbers; and
  2. Visualise a pyramid, with high objects at the back and small objects at the front. Use books to add height if required.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Centsational Girl

If you have “collections”, group ‘like’ items together. This could be by colour, material (glass, wood, metal, etc.), or theme (industrial, medical, nature, etc.)

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - Cary Bernstein Architect

7. Quirks that Work

I love quirky, eclectic and original décor. Find items that reflect your personality and that are fun. Adding a surprising element to your décor will have people thinking you’ve hired a decorator! Rooms that appear haphazard often have a great deal of thought put into them. Items are curated, organized according to type and colours considered.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - inge clemente photography

Quirky rooms don’t necessarily have to be cluttered, however. If you want a streamlined décor but need to add some interest, then these clever chair covers will be a hit! P.S. they can also hide less-than-attractive chairs in the process.

Seven Savvy Style Ideas - The Couture Rooms

So there you have it – some simple, savvy styling tips to give your home new life…and that won’t break the bank!

Feature image: inge clemente photography

Image credits (top to bottom): Helaina Bernstein Design | Elaine Richardson Architect | Normandy Remodeling | dreamhouse studios | H3K Design | Celia James Interior Design | Eclectic Creative | Magnolia | Leanne Bunnell interiors | Jessica McKay | Centsational Girl | Cary Bernstein Architect | inge clemente photography | The Couture Rooms

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