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Shopfront Signs

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Hanging a “shingle” on your shop is a pretty exciting and important part of being a retailer. You’ve just announced your presence to the world and the aim is that your name will become a destination for shoppers.

When it comes to actually making that sign, you could compare the options to trying to guess the length of a piece of string- limitless. Most people will be governed by a budget or perhaps even specific regulations.


It’s important to match your sign to your actual store. Make sure you use the same graphics as elsewhere. Is there a colour theme you want to tie in with other merchandising or packaging? Do you need your sign to be illuminated? If not you will be able to save some money on lighting and electrical costs. Do you want the sign to be small and mysterious, which may lead to you being known in other descriptive ways such as the store on the corner with the cool chairs, or the great window display and your name as secondary information, or might also cause confusion to customers. Would you like some thing massive? If this is the case make sure your store inside can hold up to the hoopla outside.

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