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SleepAngel® | The Natural Way to Help Your Baby Sleep

Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

Ask any new parent what they want and their answer is likely to be: sleep. For your little one, a lack of quality sleep can quickly lead to a distressed state, but sleep deprivation can also quickly take a toll on new parents, leading to increased stress.

One way you can encourage a good sleep pattern is by paying attention to your baby’s cues and signs of tiredness. If you can move quickly to put your little one in their cot when these signs first begin, it can certainly help. An overtired baby can make sleep elusive for everyone! These sleep signs can include grizzling, yawning, jerking arms or legs, staring, rubbing their eyes, difficulty focusing (even appearing cross-eyed) and fluttering eyelids (source).


If you are looking for a product to help you create some healthy sleeping habits for your little darling, then take a look at SleepAngel®. This clever cool mist diffuser is designed to create a harmonious sleep environment using a mixture of traditional methods and modern technology. SleepAngel® adds humidity to the air, encouraging better breathing and when paired with SleepAngel’s 100% organic essential oil, SleepAngel® creates a beautifully relaxing nursery environment, helping to calm your baby with the aim of encouraging sleep.

The SleepAngel® is a quiet machine that is also very safe to use. It can run independently for at least 8 hours before switching itself off when the water gets low. It does not run dry and always remains cool to the touch, meaning you can rest easy knowing that SleepAngel® is safe to use around children.


SleepAngel® also acts as a night light, providing a subtle glow that can help to soothe your baby and help you to navigate the nursery without the need for overhead lights that can quickly awaken drowsy babies. You can run through a range of colours or select one that suits. The humidifier component can also run independently of the night light, which can be switched off if you prefer.

Retailers can contact SleepAngel® for wholesale options. If you are interested in purchasing a single unit, please contact SleepAngel® for the details of your local stockists.

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