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Speaker Spotlight // Christie Nicholas, Kids Business Communications

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Why is it important to target mums in your marketing strategy? How can you ensure your brand is noticed and you’re unlocking all potential opportunities in Australia?

Discover the answer to these questions and more with Christie Nicholas’ session, Marketing to Mums: Research, Trends and Opportunities to be held on Monday 7 August as part of our Melbourne August Retail Therapy education series.

We caught up quickly with Christie (Founder and Managing Director of Kids Business Communications – Australia’s leading agency entirely focussed on connecting brands with mums via PR and Marketing to Mum initiatives) before her session. Read on …

Why is marketing to mums so important for retailers?

Facts show that Mums are largely in charge of the $132 Billion of household spending – so we know for certain they are an influential and lucrative target market. In many households, it is the mum who decides what we eat for dinner, what goes into the lunch boxes, what shampoo the family uses – and nearly everything in between.  Kids and partners do get a say in instances, but it is the mum “mainly” making the actual purchase.

With so much competition in the marketplace for every product type she is buying, brands and retailers need to know what it takes to get noticed and ultimately purchased.  Mums require their own style of marketing to. Then, depending on what type of mum you are looking to attract, there is more strategy and targeting involved. All mums are not marketed to in the same way.  Retailers benefit by knowing more about the mum they are selling to, how to make her experience more rewarding and what steps they can take to attract more mums and leverage results.

In short, what will be the key takeaways from your “Marketing to Mums: Research, Trends and Opportunities” session?

In a nutshell …

  • We’re going to look at the latest and relevant market research that has been released about mums, both Australia and overseas and look at what opportunities this presents for brands
  • We’re going to discuss 5 easy ways to improve your marketing to mum practices. As part of this, we’ll chat through some real-life case studies
  • We also want participants to submit their real-life brand challenges they want to brainstorm during the session to generate key, customised insight for
fun event Kids Business orchestrated for Spotlight this year

Kids Business Communications recently hosted the Spotlight Influencer event

Can you tell us a little bit more about Kids Business Communications, and your background? 

Kids Business provides brands with access to a specialist skill set required to connect, educate and impress this generation of influential mums in charge of $132 billion of household spending.  Our services include:  PR and Social Representation, Bespoke Brand Projects, Sampling and Review Campaigns as well as the popular super-sized influencer events known as the Bloggers BrunchTM, Bloggers BBQ and Social Mums.

Kids Business has collaborated with 180+ brands across all product and service categories. From Food to Fashion, Health to Home, Beauty to Baby & everything in between.

My background and 15 years’ experience has mostly centred around marketing consumer brands to mums. 8 years ago, around the same time as my first book was published, “The Mum Who Roared” (Exisle Publishing), I had a vision to create a specialist agency at the forefront of research, trends and marketing to mum practices that was entirely focused on respecting and genuinely understanding this target market. Every day I feel like the roller coaster has only just started!

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch group shot

Kids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BrunchTM – where bloggers and brands meet and mingle

What does a day in the life of Christie Nicholas look like?

My first priority of the day is to recap with the team on how we are tracking with our existing clients deliverables.  We work with clients across event management, pr and social representation, market research, sampling/review campaigns. So, during this time, we’re likely to be working through pr opportunities/story ideas, assessing influencers that best fit client products, brainstorming ways to create more engaging brand event experiences and nutting out direction for market research campaigns and qualitative/quantitative strategy to meet client objectives.  These sessions always leave us excited and bustling with ideas to start implementing next phase of client requirements.

Next up, I’m likely to be chatting with prospective clients about their brief and objectives to see what opportunities Kids Business can assist them with, that deliver the results they are after. This normally involves meetings, phone calls and preparing proposals.

Finally, I get to work “on” the business. For example, we’re developing new product offerings for clients that meet fresh trends so during this time, I’ll get stuck into how these can be improved and what it takes to make them extraordinary.  We also conduct our own extensive research with mums to analyse opportunities, so I get to investigate findings and how this can be insightful for brands we collaborate with. Among other tasks that will help us deliver more benefits for brands marketing to mums.


Tickets are now available for Christie Nicholas’ “Marketing to Mums: Research, Trends and Opportunities” session, Monday 7 August as part of our Melbourne August Retail Therapy education seriesBook your place today for $30 by clicking here.

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