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Speaker Spotlight // Jenn Donovan, Inspiring Retail

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Every day the world of retail becomes increasingly competitive both online and offline.

Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August’s education series, Real World vs. Digital Worldis designed to equip retailers with essential tools and tricks to confront industry complexities and changes head on.

How can you attract more customers more often, and have them coming back as raving, loyal fans? Jenn Donovan, founder of Inspiring Retail , will unveil the answer to this question and more during her “7 Essential Steps to Surviving in a Noisy and Competitive Retail World (online and offline)” session on Tuesday 8 August.

We took 5 minutes with Jenn to discover exactly what you can expect from her vital session that will give your business a competitive edge …

What can retailers expect from your “7 Essential Steps to Surviving in a Noisy and Competitive Retail World (online and offline)” session?

The participants of this session can expect lots of audience interaction. Great learnings happen when the audience is ready, willing and able to share their challenges and success to help others.

7 essential steps to surviving in a noisy and competitive retail world includes understanding:

  • who your ideal client is
  • what do you want to be famous for (your niche)
  • how to best market to your ideal client
  • how to create raving, loyal fans,
  • your brand and its message
  • how to stand out from the crowd, and
  • your numbers

So we’ll go through these, have some great discovery discussions and retailers will walk away knowing that there is a lot of support out there, their problems are never unique and have a better understanding on how they can make their business even more outstanding in this noisy and competitive market place.

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Can you give us some background into Inspiring Retail?

I found that when I owned my own small retail business, finding a mentor who talked the talk and walked the walk, in retail, was almost impossible. So when I sold up it seemed only natural to want to help others in their journey.  I wanted to share not only my road to enormous success, but my journey, stories and failures as well.

Retail is tough, small business retail, even tougher – having someone on your team helping you, inspiring you and mentoring you, makes the journey not only more enjoyable but more profitable too! So that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now, travelling our beautiful country, educating and connecting fellow retailers and inspiring them to achieve their goals and rediscover their passion for retail.

Inspiring Retail is all about helping clients find the courage to grow the retail business they have always dreamed of.  Inspiring Retail’s philosophy is educate, connect and inspire.  If you want to grow your business then that’s the way to do it – keep educating yourself and your staff, connect with other retailers and business people, especially those who inspire you – if you grow your business will grow.


What does a day in the life of Jenn Donovan look like?

I am a mum of 3 teenagers and wife of 1 farming husband – so life is never dull!  Most mornings start with a walk, then straight into organising everything from the kids getting to school to attending to all my wonderful animals (6 chooks, 1 peacock, 1 duck, 1 dog and 1 cat!).

I have the privilege of working from home, which when you live on a farm, means very little distractions (except from the animals above!).  Inspiring Retail takes up a large chunk of the day – most days I wonder where it has gone!

A typical day is filled with:

  • answering emails
  • attending to social media accounts
  • mentoring and coaching clients via phone, email, skype or in person
  • writing blogs – or finishing previous drafts of blogs
  • marketing – this NEVER stops
  • continuous writing of content for up-coming workshops and events, and
  • continuing to educate myself through books, podcasts and research

The night usually ends with some meditation (which is really a bath – so called “Mum time” in this house!) and an evening meal with my family where we all get to tell our favourite stories of the day!

Tickets are now available for Jenn Donovan’s “7 Essential Steps to Surviving in a Noisy and Competitive Retail World (online and offline)” session, 8 August! Book your place today for $30 by clicking here.

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