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Speaker Spotlight // Julie Mathers, Flora & Fauna

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You’ve got an idea and you’ve built building a website (or you’re in the process of it!), but now what?! What are the next steps to getting your brand and products out there, and positioning your website front and centre?

We chatted recently with Julie Mathers (founder, Flora & Fauna), who will be unveiling the answer to these questions, plus simply getting the most out of your website, as part of her “I have website. Now what?” session as part of our Retail Therapy Series at our upcoming Melbourne August fair.

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Why is it important for websites to be front and centre of retailers minds?

Online and digital is just part of modern retailing and it is part of the customer journey. So even if you don’t transact online customers are using your website, Facebook, forums and friends to find out about your business, your products and do their research. It’s not a nice to have, it’s essential.

What will be the main takeaway from your ‘I have a website. Now what?’ session?

We’ll cover a lot of areas from website choices through to social media, logistics and anything around retail. I’ll leave plenty of time for questions and discussion.
One of the main takeaways will be around your brand and ensuring you know who you are and what you stand for.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and founding Flora & Fauna?

I’ve worked in retail for a very long time starting out in the local bakery when I was 16 (best job ever!) and then working in small and large retailers for the past 20+ years. I studied Engineering so love numbers which has helped me in my career. I’ve worked across retail consulting and private equity in Australia, the UK, Europe and Japan. Three years ago I came up with the concept of Flora & Fauna and in November 2014 we launched it. I went full time on it in December 2016, when I reached the point that two full time jobs simply wasn’t feasible anymore. I was actually the last one in the team to do that and we’ve been growing at speed since.


What does a day in the life of Julie Mathers look like?

It’s long, very long. I usually wake up around 630am and like 90% of the population (probably) I check my emails on my phone and check what’s happening in the world. This is before I’ve uttered a word and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this. In an ideal work i’ll do some exercise of sorts and that does happen when I’m organised but start up life can be chaotic, which I love, so you have to roll with the punches. During the day I work with the team, meet suppliers, work on the marketing and promo plan, talk to our digital agencies and check sales constantly. I am very results driven so very focused on outputs. I would love to say I have an incredibly balanced life but the business is just over two years old and it requires a lot of focus so work continues well into the night. That’s the reality.

Join Julie’s session at 9:30am on Sunday 6 August! Places are limited, tickets are $30. Register today!

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