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Spotlight On: Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse

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“Highly effective natural insect repellent” are the five words used to describe Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse, which has been given the seal of approval by fishermen in the Top End.

Designed to contain plant oils and beeswax,  the product works hard to hold essential oils on the skin for longer than regular spray repellent – making it an effective physical barrier for midgies and sandflies in the toughest conditions.

So what’s the story behind the brand? We recently spoke with Vicky Doufa from the Good Riddance team to find out more after exhibiting recently at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August 2017. Read on …

Can you explain the rationale behind Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse?

Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse is a highly effective natural insect repellent range that was developed and tested in Darwin by a natural skincare expert. Jeannie developed Good Riddance Mozzie to protect her family while living in Darwin as she was concerned about the toxic effects of conventional insect repellents containing DEET on her family. It is made with plant based ingredients and a strong tropical blend of essential oils that repel mosquitos, midgies, sandflies and flies for 4-5 hours without the use of DEET. It has been trialled by fisherman in the Top End and tested in the toughest insect-infested conditions.

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How does Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse differ to other body products on the market?

Good Riddance Mozzie differs to other body products on the market as it’s main function is to work as a non-toxic, natural insect repellent. It differs from most other insect repellents on the market as it does not contain DEET which is a toxic chemical and a known neurotoxic.

Our organic cream creates a physical barrier on the skin against midgies and sandflies and holds the essential oils on the skin for longer than spray repellents.  It has a light, moisturising feel on the skin and lovely scent, which differentiates it from other repellents on the market.


Have you got any exciting new products or projects on the horizon?

We have recently launched three new products such as:

  • Good Riddance Mozzie Reed Diffuser which fragrances the house with our signature Lemongrass scent as well as repel mosquitos.
  • Jumbo 500ml Tropical Strength Good Riddance Mozzie Mousse pump bottle for families or those that live in a mosquito or midgie prone area.
  • Baby Good Riddance Mozzie Essential Oil Blend which contains the same gentle blend as our baby mosquito repellent; Lavender, Palmarosa, Geranium and Rose. This can be used in Diffuser or Oil Burner to repel mosquitos, midgies, sandflies and flies.

We have a few new products are on the horizon as well such as a soy melts and natural soap that contain our signature blend of insect repelling essential oils.

Good Riddance Mozzie Outdoor Pack

You can find out more about Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse on their website here, or by liking them on Facebook here

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