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St Paddy’s Day




Do shamrocks make you think of Ireland? Or perhaps I have made you think of Sweet Peas? In the Australian gardening world, St Patricks Day is a timely reminder to plant our sweet peas, ensuring a vibrant flowering trellis in Spring.

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Image- Paula Deen store

The seasons and occasions are always a great thing to celebrate in the retail world. It gives you an excuse to do new displays and feature items that may have been sitting at the back for a while. A visit to the Prop House here in Brisbane turned up a few items of green that could be used to create some clever “mood setters” for the day.


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Whilst these all the items above items are not Irish per se, the green theme is enough to create the association and may be able to be reused at other times during the year. Take some inspiration from nature and create an amazing huge green mobile with green butterflies ! Or get cutting and threading. Paint cards from the hardware are a great source of greens. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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All photos by Janet Bailey- unless otherwise acknowledged.
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